Astell & Kern AK CD-RIPPER MK II PEM15 (Gunmetal)

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Redesigned and Improved for the Ultimate CD Ripping experience. While inheriting the stable performance seen in existing products, the AK Ripper MKII has improved product design, algorithms, and more to provide more accurate ripping results.

A heavier case is used to minimize and suppress the vibrations generated during ripping.
Ripping at high speeds can degrade ripping quality, the adjustable ripping speed setting allows for more accurate and perfect for ripping. It offers the same three options as very fast / fast / normal, but the speed has been adjusted more finely for the MKII.
Improvement of the error correction algorithm applied to the existing Ripper making it possible to improve the error correction.
Hi-Fi grade CD drive is mounted, further stable ripping is realized. Astell & Kern CD-Ripper MKII is the latest model of the CD ripping drive for AK players.

The successor to Astell & Kern dedicated CD ripping drive "AK CD-RIPPER". By adopting the Hi-Fi grade CD drive and excellent vibration control including 1260 g body weight, more stable ripping is possible compared to conventional products.You can save the sound source data of the CD directly to the AK player with PC less, access the music database "Gracenote" via the Wi - Fi network function of the connecting Astell & Kern player, and add the album name, song title / artist Information such as name and album art are automatically obtained. Of course, it is also possible to enter text directly from the display of the AK player The setting is to select the file format (WAV / FLAC) and ripping speed (Normal / Fast / Very fast), and if you turn on "Automatic CD ripping", by tapping the icon on the notification bar of the corresponding AK player, ripping will start. The design is renewed, and the beauty of the function and shape pursued by Astell & Kern is represented by a cube design of the main body, a triangle which three dampers hold, and a group of CD circles.

Technical Specifications

  • Body colour Gun Metal
  • Appearance material Aluminum
  • Size (W ÌÑ H ÌÑ D) Approximately 149 ÌÑ 149 ÌÑ 49 (mm)
  • Weight Approximately 1260 g
  • CD ripping file format WAV, FLAC
  • Corresponding model SP 1000, KANN, AK 70 MK II, AK 70, AK 380, AK 320, AK 300, AK 240, AK 120 III, AK 100 II
  • Supplied items USB C to MicroB OTG cable, MicroB OTG cable, MicroB cable, warranty card, Quick Start Guide

2 years official warranty from Jabra Singapore with 1-to-1 exchange.