Audio-Technica ATW-1366 System 10 PRO Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Boundary Microphone System (2.4 GHz)

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ATW-RC13 Rack-mount receiver chassis, ATW-RU13 x2 receiver unit and ATW-T1006 x2 boundary microphone/transmitter.

The Audio-Technica ATW-1366 System 10 PRO is a dual-channel digital wireless boundary microphone system featuring a half-rack ATW-RC13 receiver chassis equipped with two ATW-RU13 receiver units. It is well suited for rackmounting in portable cases for panel events and meetings or for permanent installations in conference rooms, corporate centers, government and education facilities, and other small to mid-sized venues.

The easy-to-use system comes preconfigured at the factory, ready to operate right out of the box with no setup required. Automatic frequency selection and three levels of diversity reception provide seamless, reliable performance with clear digital audio for presenters, lecturers, clergy, and performers.

The ATW-1366 includes two ATW-T1006 low-profile boundary condenser microphones with built-in transmitters. The transmitters provide up to 9 hours of continuous use on their built-in rechargeable batteries or can be powered indefinitely via the included AC adapters. The maximum transmission range is 200'. Up to 10 mic channels can operate simultaneously in the same space.

The receiver units can be removed from the chassis and mounted remotely (up to 328' away, connected via a Ethernet cables), for more reliable reception. Up to five chassis can be linked using RJ12 cables, creating a stable environment in which up to 10 receiver units working together, with all receiving, transmitting, and with frequency allocation coordinated to prevent audio dropouts.

Clear Speech with Digital Audio & Tabletop Boundary Mics
  • The System 10 PRO offers full-bandwidth, 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio with none of the audio artifacts associated with analog companding.
  • The two boundary microphones are built into the tabletop transmitters and feature condenser capsules tailored for a clear, natural sound quality.
  • The mics use cardioid pickup patterns that focus audio capture on the person speaking while reducing unwanted background noise.
  • The low-profile design is ideal for video conferencing.
  • A gain control switch offers three input levels for different speaking volumes.
  • The switchable low-cut filter removes low-end rumble and noise for more intelligible speech.
Easy to Set Up, Easy to Operate
Automatic Frequency Selection
  • Just power up the components, and the receiver automatically seeks out a clean frequency and pairs up with the transmitter, saving you the hassle of scanning and syncing.
  • While in use, the system continually monitors activity in the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi range and automatically switches to a clean frequency to avoid interference if necessary.

Rugged Receiver Chassis

  • The durable half-rack receiver chassis houses both receiver units and can be mounted alone using the included mounting brackets and screws. Two chassis can be mounted side-by-side using the included joining plate, allowing four wireless mic channels to occupy a single 19" rackspace for a compact multichannel installation.
  • The chassis' front-panel display provides visual status information including RF signal level and the transmitter's battery life, along with a 3-color audio-level LED and a Pair LED.
  • A System ID number display indicates which transmitter is associated with a given receiver.
  • Rear-panel connections include balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" output connections as well as output level controls and ground-lift switchs to help eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops.

Two Versatile Receiver Units

  • Each receiver unit features two removable antennas.
  • A 1/4"-20 thread allows for mounting each unit to a bracket, stand, and other fixture. The units can also be permanently wall mounted using the included receiver unit holders.

Two Transmitter/Mic Units

  • The boundary mics' built-in transmitters run for up to 9 hours on their internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  • Included AC power adapters recharge the batteries or can power the transmitters indefinitely, if you have access to AC. 
  • The programmable mute switch can be set to toggle between talk and mute, or function as a press-to-talk or press-to-mute button.
  • Two LEDs allows the mic's mute and battery status to be visible to the speaker as well as other panelists. An ID display shows you which transmitter is paired with which receiver.
Three Levels of Diversity Assurance to Avoid Dropouts
Triple Diversity Reception Maximizes Wireless Signal Integrity
  • Space Diversity: The receiver compares the signal showing up at its two antennas and chooses the strongest one.
  • Time Diversity: The transmitter sends the digital signal in two imperceptibly different time slots and compares the two.
  • Frequency Diversity: The digital audio is sent over two different frequencies at the same time and the system chooses the cleaner one.

For optimal performance, users are encouraged to maintain as direct a line of sight as possible between the transmitter and receiver.

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Band

  • Unlike traditional analog wireless systems, the System 10 PRO operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, away from interruptions and dropouts caused by TV and radio channel interference.
Key Features
  • For Panels, Meetings, and Conferences
  • 2 x Tabletop Boundary Mics/Transmitters
  • Receiver Link for Multichannel Setups
  • 2 x Triple-Diversity Rackmount Receivers
  • Remote-Mountable Antennas
  • 9-Hour Rechargeable Battery + AC
  • Expandable to 10 Mic Channels/200' Range

Technical Specifications

Overall System
Operating Frequencies 2.4 GHz ISM band (2400 to 2483.5 MHz)
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Depending on microphone type
Operating Range 60 m (200') Open range env. with no interfering signals
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.05% typical
Operating Temperature Range 0° C to +40° C (32° F to 104° F) Battery performance may be reduced at very low temperatures
Handheld Transmitter
RF Power Output 10 mW
Spurious Emissions Following federal and national regulations
Battery Type Two 1.5V AA
not included
Battery Life >7 hours (alkaline)
Depending on battery type and use pattern
Dimensions 254.8 mm (10.03") long, 50.0 mm (1.97") diameter
Net Weight 280 grams (9.9 oz)
without batteries
Accessories Included AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp
Body Pack
RF Power Output 10 mW
Battery Life >7 hours (alkaline)
Depending on battery type and use pattern
Battery Type Two 1.5V AA
not included
Dimensions 70.2 mm (2.76") W x 107.0 mm (4.21") H x 24.9 mm (0.98") D
Input Connections Four-pin Locking Connector
Pin 1: GND, Pin 2: INST INPUT,
Pin 3: MIC INPUT, Pin 4: DC BIAS +9V
Net Weight 100 grams (3.5 oz)
without batteries
Spurious Emissions Following federal and national regulations
Receiving System Diversity (frequency/time/space)
Maximum Output Level XLR, balanced: 0 dBV 1/4" (6.3 mm), unbalanced: +6 dBV
Power Supply 100-240V AC (50/60 Hz) to 12V DC 0.5A power supply switched mode external
Operating Temperature Range 40° F (4° C) to 110° F (43° C)
Dimensions 209.8 mm (8.26") W x 44 mm (1.73") H x 169.3 mm (6.67") D
Weight 940 grams (33.2 oz)
Accessories Included AC adapter, Link cable, Rack-mount adapters, Joining plate, Rubber feet
Output Connector Remote Receiver Connector: RJ45
Link Connector: RJ12

What's Included

  • Audio-Technica ATW-1366 System 10 PRO Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Boundary Microphone System (2.4 GHz)
  • Audio-Technica ATW-RC13 System 10 PRO Rackmount Chassis for ATW-RU13 Receivers
  • 2 x Audio-Technica ATW-RU13 System 10 PRO Wireless Receiver Unit (2.4 GHz)
  • 2 x Audio-Technica ATW-T1006 System 10 Wireless Cardioid Boundary Microphone Transmitter (2.4 GHz)
  • 4 x Antennas
  • 2 x AT8690 Receiver Unit Holders
  • 3 x AC Power Adapters
  • 2 x USB Cables
  • RJ12 Link Cable
  • Receiver Joining Plate
  • Rackmounting Hardware
  • 4 x Rubber Feet

Warranty: 2 Years