Audio-Technica DFINBD9 RF Venue DISTRO9 HDR, Diversity Fin™ Bundle

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RF Venue product distributed by Audio-Technica This RF Venue bundle includes one DISTRO9 HDR 9-channel antenna distribution system, one DFINB Diversity Fin™ wall-mount antenna (black) for wireless microphones, two RG8X25 25-foot coaxial cables with BNC (male) connectors, DC-KIT-D9 DC power distribution cable kit, and two RG8X1.5-10 10-packs of 1.5-foot interconnect cables.

Key Features

DISTRO9 HDR Antenna Distribution System

  • Highest-quality RF signal distribution for wireless microphones
  • Nine low-noise channels of diversity wireless
  • Low-noise figure amplifiers and superior gain structure provide over 60 dB of dynamic range across the spectrum
  • Any output can be cascaded to a second DISTRO9 HDR for up to 17 wireless microphone channels in just two units of rack space
  • Two zones of antenna coverage
  • Superior gain flatness and stability across VHF low, VHF high, T-Band, UHF, and 900 MHz ranges
  • Dedicated DC power port for receivers and accessories

DFINB Diversity Fin™ Wall-Mount Antenna (Black)

  • Designed to be used with wireless microphone systems and other UHF receivers incorporating diversity reception
  • Incorporates both directional LPDA and bidirectional dipole elements
  • Captures both horizontal and vertically polarized waves in a single unit
  • Improves signal consistency in indoor and reflective environments
  • Single Diversity Fin replaces two traditional LPDA antennas
  • Designed for permanent installation; includes an L-bracket wall-mount kit

RG8X25 25-Foot Coaxial Cable

  • Premium low-loss RG8X coaxial cable with BNC (male) connectors
  • Double-shielded (braid over foil) design
  • 25' (7.6 m)

RG8X1.5-10 Premium BNC Interconnect Cable 10-Pack

  • RF Venue Certified Interconnect Cable offers improved system performance
  • 1.5' (0.5 m) long cable
  • Tough, crush- and kink-resistant jacket
  • 100% braid-over-foil shield
  • Very low loss
  • May be used in transmit or receive applications

DC-KIT-D9 DC Power Distribution Cable Kit