Audioengine W3 Wireless Audio Adapter

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Upgrade your home audio equipment with our plug-and-play W3 wireless audio apdapter. Enjoy extended-range wireless streaming from any audio device, TV or computer to your favorite powered speakers or that old stereo receiver.

Play all your music wirelessly from any audio device or computer to your Audioengine powered speakers, stereo receiver, or powered subwoofer. W3 provides CD-quality stereo sound with no reduction in audio quality and can connect up to three devices.

Affordable wireless adapters for all your devices
Easy setup, connects in seconds
Plays all your music from any player or streaming app
Make your subwoofer wireless
Connect up to 3 devices
Mac or PC
Extended-range wireless audio

Setup is easy, making W3 a true plug-and-play wireless audio solution. Simply connect W3 Sender to any audio source – your computer, TV, etc – and connect the W3 Receiver to any input on your stereo, powered speakers, or subwoofer and in seconds you have wired-quality sound without the wires. W3 requires no software downloads, network setup, has a 100-foot range, and provides CD-quality sound without dropouts or interference.

Hear all your music without any dropouts, static, or noise. And some very clever engineering means your music remains free from interference from wifi routers, phones, and other wireless devices.

The Audioengine W3 Wireless Audio Adapter sets a new level of quality and ease-of-use for wireless audio. Even if you’re not an audio enthusiast, we guarantee you will still hear a difference!

What's Included

  • Wireless audio sender
  • Wireless audio receiver
  • RCA adapter "Y" cable, 1 meter (~3.2 ft)
  • Power adapter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What wireless technology does the W3 use? Is it RF, FM, Bluetooth, 802.11, or something else?

    The W3 is based on a proprietary wi-fi technology that uses the same frequency bands as 802.11.

  • Does the W3 transmit a stereo signal?

    Yes, each Sender/Receiver W3 pair transmits 16-bit stereo audio.

  • Can the W3 (and W2) handle streaming lossless audio file formats such as Apple Lossless?

    Yes, both wireless adapters transmit any audio file format with no compression or loss.

  • Do I need to install any drivers for the W3 wireless adapter?

    The W3 is a USB Plug-and-Play audio device. which means that the drivers it uses are developed and provided by the developer of your computer's operating system. Because of this, you shouldn't need to download or upgrade any drivers to use your W3.

  • The W3 seems to be designed for a computer but can I also send audio from a stereo located in one room to powered speakers in another room?

    Yes, each Sender/Receiver W3 pair transmits uncompressed stereo audio from a computer or any analog audio output.

  • I would like to use the W3 to make my subwoofer wireless. Can I do this?

    Sure. Connect the W3 Sender to the subwoofer outputs on your A/V receiver and then connect the W3 Receiver to the audio inputs on your subwoofer. There are stereo 1/8" mini-jack inputs and outputs on the W3 that will allow you to make an RCA connection with the use of a Y-cable (which is included).

  • How do I use the W3 to get music to different stereo systems around my house?

    To do this you would use multiple sets of the W3 to send wireless music throughout your house. We have customers that daisy-chain the W3 (and W2) together from the output of one audio system - your stereo or our powered speakers in the living room, for example - to another system in another part of the house such as a Bose Wave radio in the kitchen. This way you can either control audio from their computers or iPods, or even without a computer from any other audio gear depending on how you connect the W3 Senders and Receivers.

  • Can one W3 Sender transmit music to more than one wireless Receiver?

    The W3 can transmit to up to 3 receivers simultaneously.

  • What is the latency (audio delay) of the W3 system?

    The W3 latency is under 20ms so it's perfect for using with video - home theater surround or basic 2-channel audio. Can I use the W3 for my podcasting studio? I want a wireless mic to my computer's audio input? Sure, this is a great application for the W3. You can use the W3 to replace any RCA or mini-jack cable, with or without a computer!

  • Will any USB power supply or charger work with the W3?

    Yes!  As long as it can provide at least 250mA, any USB power supply or smartphone / tablet charger should work just fine to power the W3 Sender or Receiver.

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