Fiio Q5s Bluetooth DSD-Capable DAC & Amplifier

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The extremely powerful flagship DAC and amplifier has once again set a new bar in performance. The Q5s employs a dual DAC design, with the left and right channels each quipped with a next-generation AKM AK4493EQ DAC chip – with its lower distortion, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and greatly more refined mids and highs.

Dual AKM AK4493EN DAC chips
The Q5s is equipped with Dual AKM’s AK4493EN DAC chips - known for its smooth, pleasant yet detailed sound due to its high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. Audio up to 768kHz/32 bit sampling rates and bit-depths are supported as well as native DSD

We elected to use the XMOS XUF208 microcontroller for its stability, powerful functionality, and its proven reliability. You can be sure that the Q5s will just work when connected to most audio sources, such as computers or mobile phones.

Flagship Bluetooth Platform
Thanks to the flagship Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chips ,the Q5s is able to support Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a stable,high quality Bluetooth audio experience. AAC,SBC,aptX,aptX LL,aptX HD,LDAC and HWA was supported.

USB DAC functionality
In USB DAC mode the Q5 supports PCM audio up to 768kHz/32 bit and Native DSD

Fully stocked on inputs
The Coaxial, optical, and analog line-in input are all handled through a multifunction input port that supports up to 192kHz/32 bit.

ADC volume control
The Q5s’s volume control is based on an ingenious ADC mechanism, which aims to rid of problems such as volume imbalance between the left and right channels and extra noise while increasing overall adjustment accuracy when changing the volume by accurately reconstructing the ADC curve.

Certified by 5 Major Bodies
Hi-Res Audio Certified Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certified MFi Certified Qualcomm aptX Certified Sony LDAC certified


1.What shall we do when Q5s is stuck or not turned on?

When Q5s is stuck or not turned on, try the following methods: a. Insert USB to replenish power, and 4 side lights will light up and flash successively; b. When the USB cannot be charged and works normally, please try to use a clip or similar small tool to poke the button of the reset hole for more than 5 seconds (the reset hole is on the side of the fuselage) to reset.After reset, Q5s will restart automatically;

2.Q5s connects to apple iOS device, but cannot be recognized?Or 'accessories not supported'?

a. Please confirm whether the lightning connector connecting the apple device and Q5s has been inserted in place.It is suggested to unplug the connection; b. Please connect apple device which is connected after Q5s is set to 'USB' state, and do not switch input state when Q5s connects to apple device. c. Restart the apple device and try to connect again. If you want to confirm whether Q5s has been successfully connected, go to "Settings" -> "general" -> "about the device", and then cross the screen to the bottom. If "FiiO Q5" appears above "legal information", it means that Q5s is a successful apple device

3. Does Q5s support headphones with in-line remote control and answering phone call with it?

Q5s doesn't support in-line remote control on headphones and answering phone calls. When cellphone's connected to Q5s with incoming call, please disconnect the connection between cellphone and Q5s then answer the phone call.

4. When holding the Q5s in hand, the bluetooth transmission range of Q5s is shorten?

When holding the upper part of Q5s on the back, which is where the bluetooth antenna placed, the transmission would be blocked by human body and interrupted. Therefore, please try not to block the upper part of Q5s on the back with hands or other objects.

5. What should I do if Q5s couldn't be turned on and charged?

It is recommended that the knob be turned off, then poke the key in the reset hole, and release it after 5 seconds for reset.Then charge with a charger greater than 1A.

6. How to connect or disconnect the Q5s to other Bluetooth devices?

After Q5s starts up, long press "PAIR" key for 5 seconds, and the front light slot flashes alternately in red and blue, that is, bluetooth enters pairing mode. To exit bluetooth mode, press "PAIR" for 2 seconds. Note: bluetooth function is preferred. If bluetooth is enabled in other input modes, it will be switched to bluetooth mode.When bluetooth is off, switch to the default input mode. In the back connection state, some mobile devices can see the Q5s device, but it cannot be connected at this time, and the connection fails.You can only connect if you alternate red and blue

7. What is the difference between the two balance ports of AM3E (2.5mm and 4.4mm) that are standard in Q5s?Can I insert it at the same time?

a) The two balance ports are just for the convenience of users to fit more balanced headphone cables. The two headphone sockets on the circuit are in parallel, and there is no difference b)Two balance ports cannot be inserted at the same time.

8. Why Q5s has noise when connect the computer as USB decoding?

a) Take care the USB data cable used is standard; b) Whether it is plugged into the front panel of the host, if so, please try the USB port of the main board behind the host;If not, please check whether the usb dac driver is properly installed and can be reinstalled if necessary.

9. Does the Q5s connect to WINDOWS 10 drive free?

The latest Windows10 64-bit system connects to the Q5s without the need to drive, but to ensure the best sound quality, it is recommended to install an official driver.


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