Fiio X7 Mark II Portable High Resolution Digital Music Player (Titanium)

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Higher Resolution, Greater Dynamic Range, Bigger Soundstage

The Fiio X7 Mark II is an all new design featuring elements from its little brother, the Fiio X5 3rd gen. Both the side mounted volume wheel of the X7 Mark II with its etched 45' lines and the red ring that encompasses the power button are both inspired by similar touched on the X5 3rd gen. The X7 Mark II employs the flagship 8-channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC. With an exceptional signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio of 129dB and a remarkable total harmonic distortion plus noice (THD+N) figure of -120dB, this DAC is able to provide more resolving power, better dynamics, and better soundstage for greatly improved sound quality over its predecessor.

Powerful 2GB RAM, Large 64GB Internal Storage, 2 Micro-SD card slots

The X7 Mark II is among the first of the high resolution portable music players to adopt 2GB of RAM, allowing it to seriously multi-task and to provide a more fluid experience.

Balanced and Single-ended Outputs

Bundled with the X7 Mark II is the AM3A, an all new amplifier module with both single-ended and balanced headphone outputs, The AM3A uses the widely-acclaimed AD8620 precision, wide bandwith JFET operational amplifier as well as the tailor-made OPA926 op-amp, which was exclusively designed for the X7 Mark II to satisfy Fiio enginerrs'need for a high-performing part.

3 Crystal Oscillators For The Ultimate Reproduction Of Music

The X7 Mark II utilizes three seperate crystal oscillators - one for the DSD and 44.1 kHz multiples sampling rates, and one for the 48 kHz multiples sampling rates, aw well as one for the 384 kHz sampling rate.

A Breakthrough In Industrial Design

In the making of X7 ll, not only were better parts and hardware used, but also much thought was given to how to make a design of the internal both more reliable and less prone to EMI (electromagnetic interference). The concealed micro-SD card slots in the X7 Mark II are all-new, specifically designed to not only look beautiful but to also allow you to easily insert your expansion cards quickly and correctly. The weight and dimension of the X7 Mark II have been fine-tuned and further refined compared to the original in order to ensure that its feel in the hand is even better than before. When you pick the new X7 Mark II up, your hands will immediately know.

Bigger Battery & Faster Charging

Despite the x7 ll being thinner and lighter than its predecessor, it also packs a bigger, high-voltage fast charging capable battery-now with a capacity of 3800mAh.

Better Wireless Experience

Using Wifi on the new Fiio X7 Mark ll is a much better experience than on the original model, due to support on the wifi on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. The Fiio X7 Mark ll is fully supports Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX standards.

Key Features

  • Updated flagship model with ESS Sabre's latest ES9028 PRO DAC
  • All new design with side volume knob & buttons
  • Native DSD128 & True 64bit/384kHz WAV PCM support
  • Native music app bypassing Android SRC framework (Sampling Rate Conversion)
  • Modular Amplifier Design - Choose the amplifier module that best suits your needs!
  • New AM3A Amp Module with 3.5mm Single-ended & 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Outputs
  • Shared 3.5mm Line/Coaxial/Optical output
  • 1.4GHz Quad-Core Rockchip CPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage
  • 3.97" 480x800 IPS Touchscreen display
  • Wireless Connectivity via Bluetooth V4.0 & 2.4gHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Dual microSD card slot for expandable storage (Max up to 512GB)
  • Internal 3800mAh Quick-Charging Li-Po Battery, up to 9 Hours playback

Technical Specifications

  • Memory Internal: 64GB 
  • External: 2x up to 256GB microSD card 
  • Battery: Up to 9 hours of playing time (3800mAh)
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz~70 kHz(-3dB)
  • Output Impedance: <1.2Ω (32Ω loaded) (unbalanced), <1.7Ω (32Ω loaded) [Balanced] 
  • I/O Ports: Headphone Output / Balanced Output, Line Out / Coaxial Out / Digital Coaxial Out, USB DAC 
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, Micro USB 2.0 
  • Supported Formats Lossless: DSD / DXD / APE / Apple Lossless / AIFF / FLAC / WAV / WMA; Lossy: MP3 / AAC / WMA / OGG

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