Jabra GN1000 Remote Handset Lifter For Deskphones

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Jabra GN1000 is a mechanical handset lifter that provides the user with remarkable freedom and mobility. Jabra GN1000 automatically lifts your handset and returns it to the cradle. This enables you to answer or end calls, mute the microphone and adjust volume when you. are away from the desk. Enjoy wireless freedom and get remote call control on your wireless headset from virtually any desk phone even when up to 150m or 450 ft away from your desk.

Completes your wireless headset solution

With its discreet design, Jabra GN1000 fits on your telephone and enables remote call control with virtually any
desk phone system.Jabra GN1000 automatically takes your handset off hook and lets you answer calls with the touch of a button from your cordless headset.

Remote Call Control

Answer and end calls, adjust the volume and mute your call on the Jabra wireless headset with seamless integration between your desk phone and headset. The remote call control gives you the power to multitask and be productive.

150 Meter/450 Feet Wireless Freedom

The Jabra GN1000 puts the freedom and convenience of wireless communication in everyone’s reach. You can now walk and talk up to 150 meters/450 feet away from your
desk phone. Answer calls, multitask and move around on your terms.

Key Features

  • Jabra GN1000 is designed for desk phones that do not provide EHS (electronic hook switch) functionality.
  • Hear ring tone in headset
  • Answer and end calls
  • Built-in on-line indicator lights up when phone is in use
  • Universal design
  • Special magnetic-field technology as ring sensor to avoid false call