Astell & Kern AK ZERO2 In-Ear Monitors, MMCX Connector, 3.5mm

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Wired - 3.5mm
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Advanced Quad-brid IEM

Astell&Kern's philosophy of striving to deliver ultra-precise original sounds has been praised by many audiophiles from the result of our first IEM, the AK ZERO1.

The AK ZERO2 is a professional IEM made using advanced technologies based on our experience gained from the development of the AK ZERO1.
The ultra-refined cross-over network design and acoustic chamber perfectly harmonize the four different drivers
that power the AK ZERO2, designed to play the true sounds of Astell&Kern.

  • Four different types of drivers
  • Perfectly harmonized driver structure
  • Highest Cross-Over Network Management
  • Acoustic Chamber by 3D Print Technology
  • Precise CNC Metal Housing
  • Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable
  • Made in Japan
Advanced Quad-brid Design and Ultra-refined Cross-over Network

The AK ZERO2 is an IEM that features a “Quad-brid” design centered around an advanced driver array and Super Low Noise Cross-Over Network perfectly tuned. Four different types of driver, including Custom BA Drivers, a Planar Dynamic Driver, a 10-mm Dynamic Driver, and a Piezoelectric Transducer create the perfect synergy, coming together to form the Quad-brid AK ZERO2 capable of reproducing the pure sounds that Astell&Kern strives to deliver.


Advanced Quad-brid Design

Special Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver
Special Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver- [High] Crisp and Dynamic Treble Sound

The Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver is a driver specifically developed to deliver high frequencies, featuring advanced technology that allows a planar driver to be used in IEMs, despite the extreme difficulty in making it small enough to fit in such a small cavity.
We selected a light yet sturdy planar membrane to minimize frequency loss and applied a trembler with a thin metal membrane and polymer film to create lifelike vivid high frequencies. This provides a clear and dynamic high frequency response.

Dual Custom Balanced Armature Drivers
Dual Custom Balanced Armature Drivers- [Mid-Low] Transparent Vocal sound
- [Full Range] Perfectly Balanced and Rich Sound

The Coil Parameter Dual Custom BA Driver is a custom-made driver designed to reproduce both full-range and mid- to low-range frequencies.
It comes with a total of four drivers: two BA drivers that offer ultra-low distortion to create clear low- to mid-ranged vocal sounds and two BA drivers that offer perfectly balanced rich sounds, uniquely tuned to harmonize each frequency range, playing perfect sounds.

Single 10-mm Dynamic Driver with Piezoelectric Transducer
Single 10-mm Dynamic Driver with Piezoelectric Transducer- [Low & Super High] The Deepest Bass and Clear Treble Sound

Various types of carefully designed drivers create rich, Hi-Fi sounds. The 10-mm dynamic driver used in the AK ZERO2 is meticulously manufactured using a fully automated process. This allows the driver to recreate rich and deep low frequencies.
An additional piezoelectric transducer works in tandem with the dynamic driver, serving as a super tweeter that asserts its presence in the super-high frequency range that many IEMs struggle to recreate.

Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable 4 Core

The pure silver-coated OFC cable, designed to maximize the performance of the AK ZERO2, is created with high-purity silver plating and copper, and adds a touch of style with plugs crafted from aluminum.

The MMCX connectors offers a robust connection and a long-lasting and stable life cycle.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: AK ZERO2
  • Driver:
    • Quad-brid Drivers
    • Special Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver x1
    • Custom Balanced Armature Drivers x4
    • 10mm Micro Dynamic Driver x1 with Piezoelectric Transducer
  • Cable:
    • MMCX
    • Hi-Fi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable 4 Core (4.4mm, 3.5mm)
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Frequency response: 20Hz–30KHz
    • SPL: 105dB@1KHz(1mW)
    • Impedance: 5Ω@1KHz
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.7%@1kHz

What's Included

  • AK ZERO2 Earbud L/R
  • 3.5mm cable x1
  • 4.4mm cable x1
  • 5 pairs of silicone ear tips
  • 1pairs of foam tips
  • Carrying Case x1

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