B&O Play Beoplay E8 Review

B&O Play Beoplay E8 Review

Bang & Olufsen is known for their classy design capabilities and with the Beoplay E8 they didn’t disappoint at all. The ergonomic design of the earbuds will prove to be worth the money. If you want high end, high quality earbuds, this is the one to get. They are priced more expensive than the Airpods but you’ll end up obtaining more from them in terms of quality, elegance and functionality. This makes it one of the best wireless devices on the market.Having those earbuds makes you stand out from the rest they just scream quality and elegance. The slick packaging of the B&O play earbuds is also a pulling factor on its own. 

Build Quality

The Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds are made of a light weight polymer (or plastic as some may prefer to say it) with an aluminium ring, around the touch pad, on both of them. The material is dust resistant. And as discussed earlier there are silicone ear fits and also a memory foam fit.


The B&O earphones come in a stylish, black, clam shell design leather casing that is waterproof, the design of the casing is appealing by itself. From the first glance it just raises your hopes of what’s to come. The casing also has a hand strap in case you just want to carry the casing instead of putting it in your pocket of tossing it in your bag.

The Bang & Olufsen designed clam shell casing comes with a Micro USB charging port at the back. The casing itself can be like a portable power bank and it carries two full charge (of four hours each) therefore 8 hours of charge.

The ear buds magnetically connect to it when it is opened, this is good for several reasons like it will prevent the earbuds from accidental falling therefore a bit harder to lose. The Bang & Olufsen trademark casing is pocket sized so it is very portable, this proves convenient when you want to place your earbuds back or even when you want to put them back for them to charge.

The earphones are tastefully designed in black and grey and have a B&O logo on outside casing with an aluminium ring around the touch interface. The approximate size of the E8 earphones is 0.91 by 0.79 by 0.98 inches, which is pretty small for a wireless device in your ear. The Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds are also super light at approximately 7g each. The Beoplay E8 works wonderfully outdoors noise cancellation technology allowing you to listen to quality music undisturbed by the outside world.

The B&O play are not weather resistant this comes as a problem to the people who wanted to use them in some water related outdoor activities that may end up involving a lot of sweating or even being rained on for example swimming, jogging and other similar sports.


The music automatically cuts off when you take them out this is one of the special features that come with it, the use of smart technology in its design gave it an added feature that makes it stand out from the other wireless earbuds.

Manoeuvring through the controls is proving to be one of the easiest things, each has a touch control pad. B&O designed the earphones in a manner such that each ear piece has a special control function.

Right ear piece

For those of you out there who might end up wondering which earpiece belongs to which ear well Beoplay E8 is labeled “R” for Right. The Right earpiece contains a lot of the touchpad functions. For example, to play or pause music you just have to tap it once ,to skip forward to the next track tap it twice and finally to activate voice control tap it three times. Make sure to do the taps fast. Touch and hold to turn up the volume. Whenever you get a call tap once to answer it, all these functions are so easy to get used to.

Left ear piece

It’s labelled “L” for Left. This ear piece just has one touch control function, if you want to go back to a previous track just tap it once. This back feature proves to be helpful when your Jam comes on and you forgot to put it on repeat. Touch and hold to turn volume down.

A point to note is that the touch control may end up not responding appropriately or not responding at all. If this happens don’t panic, it’s just that it fails to respond when touched with wet hands or even cold hands.

Fit & Comfort

The Beoplay earbuds depend on your ear to be attached. So for it to be held steadily in your ear it has to fit perfectly. This goes a long way in ensuring they fit in your ear and won’t fall off as you walk or do other activities while wearing them. This is done through the use of the use of the memory foam tips for ultimate comfort but the earbuds also come with silicone ear tips for those who prefer them to the memory foam.

The Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds are perfectly designed to fit it into your ear but the Bang & Olufsen designed it such that it protrudes slightly. This is not really a critic it’s just a harmless observation.

4 pairs of silicone tips all of them of different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your ear canal. If in any case you don’t find these silicone tips and memory foam tip comfortable you can order from a reputable site where they have a cash back guarantee, this also applies if you want customized tips. Most of the time when it comes to comfort most people prefer memory foam, they just go the extra mile to deliver comfort

Sound Quality

The Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds come with a 5.7mm electro-dynamic driver giving it that ability to deliver that extra bang for the pleasure of your ears. When put to the test, the Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds produce a pretty decent sound with the tweaks available you can alter by the earbuds. to give out the best quality when it comes to sound. The type of sound you want to hear will depend on the song you want to hear and the tweaks you apply, tweaking to get better sound depending on the genre of music. Regardless of the tweaks made the Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds produce a remarkable bass.

The earbuds are remarkably excellent especially when you consider that these are Bluetooth earbuds, we all know that Bluetooth doesn’t deliver the best when it comes to quality and clarity but this is stands out.

Also there is some incorporation of a microphone for calls and voice control, the voice clarity is exceptional in general good work was done on the microphone.

There was something extra special about the call quality, it’s extremely clear except for the usual period when wind blows as you speak. When making a call the transparency mode auto activates so that you will be more aware of your surrounding environment while you are on call.

Transparency feature where surrounding sounds are amplified and let in, the mode comes with three settings, Ambient; this setting almost pauses your track and amplifies the sound from the external surrounding environment, social setting; this setting plays the tracks through the earphones but allows sound from the surrounding environment in without pausing and commuting setting, this lets in the noise from the surrounding environment in but is slightly louder than the social setting.

Since the B&O play E8 wireless earbuds do not support other forms of advanced codecs like aptX, there is a little chance that the audio streamed from the phone won’t be clear at all.

Unfinished sympathy by massive attack is a good song to test out the quality of any new headphone or earbuds. When the Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds were put to the test they reveal their high sound quality and also they also unleash their Bass potential. Judging from that song most people would automatically conclude that this is a quality device.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Beoplay E8 wireless device is 4 hours that’s on continuous play, and this was held to be true when put to the test. So for people who go about their whole day listening to music this may be a turn off, but the case provides two full charges (four hours each) and this in total giving you 12 hours of high quality music time.


The B&O play earbuds uses Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity which is super-fast and stable connection. To connect the device, you can simply tap both earphones simultaneously, that will pair them automatically on your phone. The Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds have a strong connection with a range 10 to 33 feet which is considerably good for wireless earphones. The earbuds of the B&O play also communicate to each other through NFMI (near field magnetic induction communication), this makes sure that they maintain a stable connection. This NFMI technology is unique to the E8 earbuds making them a little extra special.

There is a dedicated application, for both android and IOS, that enables you to be able to mess around with the sound settings. There are four options Warm, Excited, Relaxed and Bright ,a good example of how to use such setting is selecting warm when listening to orchestral pieces. There is also a transparency mode, in here there are three modes, Ambient, social and commuting to activate these modes you just have to tap your left earbud. It is definitely worth noting that the Beoplay application integrates pretty well with siri


Despite their price tag, the B&O E8 wireless earphones are an impressive device. Not only are they small and lightweight, they are also built with class and luxurious high quality materials with a dash of elegance. It is the sort of device someone would want to have and use continuously throughout the day even though it comes with a total charge of 12 hours which is not bad at all for wireless earplugs considering the high-end sound it delivers. The Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds are the total package and it seems like a worthwhile purchase to someone who has a preference for high end, high quality devices. There are many wireless earphones out there but the Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds stands out from the rest.