Bragi Dash Pro Review

Bragi Dash Pro Review

The one thing that distinguishes Bragi Dash Pro Earbuds from other listening devices is their unique design. Unlike other products, these wireless earbuds produced by Bragi are somewhat larger. Personally tailored by Starkey, Bragi Dash Pro creates a moulding of the consumer's ear and shapes the headphones to their own specifications. Therefore, fitting perfectly into a person's ear, providing them with extra comfort.


Specifically designed to have an elegant appearance, these black in-ear units are nice and stylish. Plus, just like the typical Bragi Dash Pro Headphones, come equipped with some excellent features. One of which is a lighting unit located inside of them, that's compatible with most digital devices and cellular phones. While being charged, the light indicator turns a specific color, indicating its charging status. During updates, a light blinks at various speeds showing the user how charged their unit is.

Bragi Dash Pro Wireless Earbuds also are equipped with a type of touch control, allowing for effortless regulation ofsound and music playback. They also come with various other easy-to-use controls as well. Simply tap them once for playing and pausing, and twice for moving on to the next song selection. Audio Transparency can be activated with a swiping motion. Enabling the user to stay aware of their personal surroundings. Which is a good thing in today's world.

The one thing that sets these "True Wireless Headphones" from the rest is a convenient built-in microUSB charging mechanism located along the side of their carry case. Helping to extend the battery's charge, which many consumers have found to be an ideal feature to have.

The entire Bragi Dash Pro package includes a wide range of different ear tips to choose from. Four of which are“FitSleeves,” that totally envelope the entire ear piece. There are also three regular tips included in the box as well.

These particular Dash Pro Wireless Headphones were specially developed for those with a passion for athletic activities including water sports. Dedicated to providing consumers with high quality products, Dash Pro has even equipped their earbuds and headphones with waterproofing of up to one meter, or three feet. According to their numerous customer reviews, it has been tested in water and receives their seal of approval. Perfect for a leisurely swim around the pool while listening to music, but make sure to stay within the three foot depth range. Overall, Bragi Dash Pro listening devices are dependable and they've numerous special features included with them.

Fit & Comfort

Bragi is known for their extremely comfortable headphones, which is what most music listening consumers are seeking to find. A highly effective product that's designed to not only suit their musical preference, but the person's comfort level as well. Which Bragi Pro Dash does with this product! Made to fit around the entire outer ear, feeling super light and form fitting. As a matter of fact, even if the wearer bends over while talking, it will stay securely in place.

In order to ensure better comfort and enhanced sound quality, find an ear tip that feels the best. Ensuring hours of listening enjoyment and fun.Thanks to the latest technology, Bragi has been able to develop top of the line wireless headphones that go upon the outer ear. Honestly, compare to other listening devices available in today's world, these aren't half bad. All in all, the Bragi Pro Dash wireless headphones are relatively good and sound quality is pretty decent as well.

These in-ear headphones are extremely comfortable, fitting perfectly in the wearer's ear. Enabling them to move around with ease, staying in place the whole time. They are perfect for those who live highly active lifestyles.

The Bragi App

The Bragi Dash Pro App has several segments that handle the settings, control, personal profile, sound volume, and service of wireless in-ear headphones. It is an app that's relatively easy to manoeuvre, once the person gets the hang of it. Then it becomes in very handy to the wearer, helping to enhance its sound quality and can be turned on and off directly from the headphones them self.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness buffs really love the Bragi Dash Pro headphones. Thanks to a special sensor installed in them, the user can keep track of their heart rate while working out. However, that's not all, for Bragi has included a step tracking and calorie burning mechanism as well. Once a hardcore workout is completed, there's a digital display of the person's information provided in metric units. The headphones are pretty reliable when it comes to tracking, but they still have room for improvements.

Sound Quality

Thanks to the way the Bragi wireless in-ear headphones are developed for providing sound isolation, they enable the person to enjoy everything coming through this listening device with crystal clear clarity. Special features are also a great addition to headphones, but the ultimate challenge is definitely in its sound quality. Even though the bass in these wireless headphones is pretty decent, it's not exceptional. However, this problem can be solved with larger ear tips, then the sound quality is truly enhanced. They're well balanced and should work to the person's satisfaction. Bragi has really went above and beyond in their development of this product. It's well designed to ensure the wearer to receive optimum sound, while easily maneuvering through various useful apps. All of which done through the utilization of hands-free technology, making the Dash Pro w/Alexa to be a valuable item to have in today's world.


Overall theBragi Dash Pro Wireless Headphones have a good performance rating. After all, they're a reliable product that connects to most Bluetooth devices, and have a sound range of thirty-three feet. Enabling the wearer to travel a good distance with them. Plus, their battery lasts up to five hours at a time, which is better than most others available in today's world. And with the handy built-in charging carry case, this is a great item to own.

Other Features

Another great Bragi product is the Dash Pro with built-in Alexa integration. Thanks to modern technology they've combined BOS 3.1 and Alexa, coming up with the ultimate smart headphones. Allowing users to hear all of their favourite songs and includes media playback as well. The Bragi Dash Pro W/Alexa is compatible with Apple products running iOS 10.0 or higher, and Android products that are 7.0 and higher. Providing clear communications and music listening wherever they're worn.

Our Verdict

For those looking to find a reasonably priced wireless earbuds with great sound quality and overall performance, these are definitely worth investing in. They're also compatible with most Bluetooth, Apple and Android devices and is ideal for individuals who spend a good amount of time listening to their favourite songs and talking on the phone for hours. They're great for sports enthusiasts and can be worn while swimming laps in the pool. They also allow the user to upload thousands of songs and audio books with ease. Furthermore, this product even includes fitness tracking, a portable charger, simple one-touch controlling, and is equipped withan award winning waterproof(IPX7) design. Plus, have the latest technology, enabling the user to wear them any place without the use of their digital devices. The Bragi Dash Pro is an excellent product and is guaranteed to bring anyone hours of listening enjoyment.