Jaybird Run Review

Jaybird Run Review

Wireless earbuds continue to gain more popularity as time progresses. It’s not unusual to see people from all walks of life wearing them in their ears. From kids in grade school to middle-aged full-time workers, wireless earbuds are being used by thousands of people around the globe. While there are many different brands of wireless earbuds being sold today, but only one brand stands out, consistently.

Jaybird has worked extremely hard at surpassing the needs of consumers with the right product and right price. And the Jaybird Run is no exception. Their entire range of wireless earbuds are easy to use and they will surpass your expectations. The Jaybird Run is the ideal choice for anyone who would like to get away from cord-free headphones. They’re comfortable, offer exceptional sound for their size, and the reception is terrific.

Design & Build Quality

The Jaybird Run may not look the prettiest, but they are guaranteed to surpass most people’s expectations when it comes to build quality. In addition, they are comfortable, easy to use, and they offer exceptional sound. These are the things die-hard music lovers expect to get from their wireless earbuds. Pleased keep in mind that you will pay a little more money to get these unique wireless earbuds.

Wireless earbuds manufacturers are interested in making their wireless earbuds as small as possible and along comes with the sacrifice of poorer connectivity. Unlike other wireless earbuds, the Jaybird Run has an external antenna. If you look closely, you will see metal ring. This is the antenna. Past research shows that an external offers better reception. This makes a huge difference when you consider the fact that you may be have problems picking up frequency in certain areas.

The design of the earpiece makes these wireless buds special. They’re designed to provide comfort while you’re wearing them. You could wear them for several hours without realizing that their in your ears. The Jaybird Run excels in this department. These wireless earbuds have a special “fin” that fits comfortably in the upper groove of your ear. The “fin” will hold the earbuds in place. It’s pretty difficult for people to notice the fin while the earbuds are in your ear.

The Jaybird Run wireless earbuds are durable. You may accidentally drop an earbud one day. There's no need for you to worry because they are built to withstand the impact from hitting the ground.

Battery Life

The Jaybird Run comes with a large carrying case. The case extends the four-hour battery power to eight hours. This is great, but the case is too large to fit comfortably inside your pocket. However, you can drop the case into your backpack or messenger bag. With just a five-minute charge, the case can power your Run earbuds for one hour.

Ease of Use

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not difficult to program the Jaybird Run earbuds. Simply open the package, put them in your ears, and pair them with your Android or iPhone. It should take you less than two minutes to do this.

The right wireless earbud controls the connection with your mobile phone. You can wear the right wireless earbud alone, but you may prefer to wear both earbuds at the same time. Wearing both earbuds at the same time will help you tune out the noise while your are around a noisy crowd.

The left earbud connects with the right earbud over Bluetooth when it’s turned on. The sound will flow without any interruption. You may want to consider wearing both earbuds if you want the full effect. Wearing one earbud will compress the sound.

You don't have tons of options at your disposal to control the Jaybird Run. There is only one button on each earbud. Press the button for several seconds to turn the earbud on and off. Double-clicking the button moves you to the next song or track.

The buttons are easy to find, but they are rigid. They are difficult to press. In some cases, users felt a slight discomfort while pressing the buttons because they were pushing the earbuds into their ears. This is something you should keep in mind.

Sound Quality

It's easy to see that the Jaybird wireless earbuds deliver when it comes to sound quality. Looking at its small frame makes it easy for anyone to underestimate them. They are ideal for avid music lovers. Avid music lovers can put them in their ears when they are ready to listen to their favourite music artists.

Are the Jaybird wireless earbuds suitable for all music genres? This is probably the most popular question circulating in forums at this time. The Jaybird wireless earbuds are suitable for any genre of music. You can hear the bass if you enjoy listening to hip-hop music. You can hear the highs if you are a big fan of pop music. I enjoy listening to different types of music. The Jaybird Run does not fall short when it comes to offering quality sound.

What makes the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds special? These earbuds are small, but they pack a heavy punch when it comes to sound clarity. For instance, you may feel like your sitting at a live concert when you put them in your ears.

You can also listen to your favourite podcasts with the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds. The dialog for every podcast will sound natural. You cannot get this type of quality sound with wireless headphones. The Jaybird Run earbuds are ideal for podcasts because they have a limited audio range. You will get hooked to the awesome sound.

The Jaybird Run wireless earbuds allows you to make adjustments to your audio experience. Simply use Jaybird’s mobile app to adjust the sound profile. The default setting is set at flat, but you have other options at your disposal. You can select “Bring the Bass” or “Extended Listening”. The Bring the Bass option increases the low-end and the Extended Listening option reduces harsh high notes.

Please keep in mind that you can browse custom profiles created by other users. Browsing their profiles will give you an idea of what they are doing with their earbuds. This is one neat feature that you will not find with other wireless earbuds on the market today.

You can make manual adjustments to the sound. For example, you can chose the “Signature” settings. These settings increase the bass and high notes. Luckily, there are tons of workout tunes in the app. This is great news for fitness enthusiasts.

With no wires to distract you, you will be looking forward to putting your Jaybird Run wireless earbuds into your ears and listen to your favorite music every day. Within several seconds, you can pop them out of your case and pair them with your Android or iPhone.

Fit & Comfort

You will be impressed with the comfort level. You can wear these earbuds for several hours without any problems. In some instances, you may forget that you are wearing them. Putting them in your ears may become part of your daily routine. In addition, the package is probably one of most well equipped wireless sports earbuds we have seen in the market. It comes with four sets of silicone tips, three foam tips. You get a small round silicone tip, a large round silicone tip, and two silicone oval shaped tips. You will also get three different types of fin accessories. A finless option is available for anyone with small ears. Jaybird Run earbuds are water-resistant and sweat proof. You can wear them while jogging or working out at the gym. The double hydrophobic nano coating protects your wireless earbuds from water damage.


-Unlike other wireless earbuds, the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds offer a comfortable fit for 99% of users out there

-They are water resistant

-The quality of sound is impressive

-They are easy to carry around

-You get 4 continuous hours of battery life


-It can be challenging for you to press the buttons while the earbuds are in your ears

-Priced slightly higher than other wireless earbuds in the market

-The battery case is falls short when it comes to durability

Final Word

The Jaybird Run is slightly more expensive than other wireless earbuds on the market today. At $299, they’re priced nearly $40 more than Apple’s AirPods but you will be getting many significant features that will not be found in other wireless earbuds.

You’re not getting average wireless earbuds that will cease to function within several months. You’re getting high quality wireless earbuds that can withstand moisture and deliver a crisp sound without any difficulty. It will be extremely difficult for you to find this feature in similar earbuds.

Another strong contender in this category is the 2 nd generation of Jabra’s Elite Sport wireless earbuds, but can you buy them without putting a strain on your financial budget? At this time, the Jabra's Elite Sport wireless earbuds are selling for $369. This price is approximately $70 more than the Jaybird Run and could put a dent in your pocket. The wireless Jaybird Run is your best option if you want to get away from ear pieces connected to short cables.

The Jaybird Run wireless earbuds are extremely comfortable and easy to use. After putting them in your ears, you will be able to listen to your favorite music artists at home or at work. They offer a dynamic sound that cannot be ignored. At the end of the day, you will be more pleased. Our verdict? They are worth the investment.