Jaybird X4 Review

Jaybird X4 Review

If you are into fitness, it is a good possibility that you are already acquainted with Jaybird earphones. It all began with the Jaybird Bluebuds X back in 2012. Now, in 2018, we have the Jaybird X4.

These earbuds perform in much the way that you are used to from Jaybird. They are stylish and have wonderful sound quality. Although these are not the most innovative earbuds produced by Jaybird, they are still top notch.

Wireless Bluetooth earphone technology continues to improve over time. In spite of the rising competition, Jaybird remains on top. Perhaps this is due to their constantly upgraded line of top-performing wireless earphones marketed to fitness enthusiasts.

Over the last few years, Jaybird has been leading the wireless sports earphone industry. The X series has been a preferred line with tech critics and fitness freaks alike. So far, every new model in that line has been greatly advanced over the model that came before it.

Following is a comprehensive review of the X4 Wireless earbuds to reveal if this new model can live up to the Jaybird line.

Who Should Own These

If you are considering buying the Jaybird x3 earbuds, you might want the X4 instead. Not only is the X4 is newer, it’s now a whole lot more affordable and the X4 model is now equipped with IPX7 waterproofing. Fitness nuts would also love the Jaybird X4 as they are excellent for exercising with and they offer a little bit of everything.


The X4 earbuds sport the same sleek, minimalist appearance as the others in the series. The stylish silhouette of these earbuds is beautifully complemented by their blend of a matte finish with metallic accents.

Although the X4 earbuds appear to be made from a willowy plastic material, they are definitely built to last. The casing on the control module and earpieces are strong and durable. Extreme abuse and misuse would be necessary to break either component. The same can be said for the thin wire, which you can pull and stretch in several directions without the fear of damaging or breaking it.

Thanks to the improved system for cord management, you no longer have to worry about loose cords batting around your neck while you workout.

Of course, the best new feature is the water-proofing. Earlier models were only equipped with a sweatproof coating. The X4 model has progressed far beyond that.

Waterproof Technology

The Jaybird X4s are IPX7 water certified. This means that these earbuds can withstand almost any wet weather conditions. Furthermore, if you accidentally drop your earphones into a sink or even a swimming pool, they will still function. These earbuds can be submerged in water up to one meter deep for a half hour without cause for alarm.

Fit and Comfort

The X4s come with a variety of redesigned wing and tip choices, which has improved the fit. The foam and silicone tips and wing choices are provided in an assortment of sizes. The available options make finding a snug fit simple and easy.

A secure fit is no problem at all when you are wearing these earbuds for exercise or any other mobile activity. The soft wings slip effortlessly inside the ear for supreme grip, while the tips snuggle into the ear canal forming a firm seal. These earbuds will not fall out while you are jogging or during any rigorous exercise routine.

The downfall to a snug fit is that they become uncomfortable after only a short while. Once you have been wearing the X4s for about a half hour, you will feel a cramping in your ears. You could try switching out the tips, but it probably will not help much.

Setup and Controls

On the right side of the X4s, you will find a control module with three buttons, which allows for simple operation. Each button performs more than one function. This setup requires a slightly advanced learning curve, but the controls are super easy to operate once you get the hang of it.

The plus/minus buttons control track navigation as well as volume. To access volume, a single quick tap is all that is needed. For track control, a long press is required. Voice assistance, playback and call management is allocated to the middle button. To play or pause media, or respond to or cancel a call, a single tap will do. To turn on Siri or Google Assistant, you will need to depress the button for two full seconds.

It takes a mere 30 seconds to pair your X4s with Bluetooth. To enter pairing mode, simply depress the center button for 5 seconds. When the light indicator starts to blink blue and red, you may enable Bluetooth and find your way to the pair new device menu. Just select your Jaybird X4 earbuds from the listed devices.

Audio Quality

For a pair of gym headphones, the sound quality is pretty good. Overall tonal balance is fairly even throughout. At no time does a single piece of audio dominate over any other piece. Mid-level vocals have a fairly clear output and are completely free of sibilance.

The Jaybird X4s work exceptionally well for the low notes. Low-frequency notes come through the earpiece in clear, precise sound. These earphones also play melodic tunes with equal clarity.

Songs with multiple layers and genres that are more subtle are occasionally lacking in sound detail, but it is nothing too serious, and not totally unexpected. While the Jaybird X4s are not perfect, they are top notch in their league.

Jaybird MySound App

Speaking of sound quality, the X4's best feature is their MySound app. This free app comes preset with numerous sound profiles and allows users to adjust EQ settings to their individual taste. Each preset sound profile is programmed to suit different types of music so it is a good idea to try out various ones.

If you do not like any of the preset profiles, you can always adjust the EQ on each of the profiles or make your own for a customized experience. Whenever you make changes on your personal profile, they are saved and automatically transported whenever a new device is paired.

Connectivity and Call Quality

The call quality and connectivity are not the best but they are fair. During a call, both parties can hear one another easily and clearly. There should be no need to turn up the volume.

Unfortunately, the built-in mic works a little too well. It not only picks up vocals but will pick up on the faintest of sounds as well, such as the control mechanism brushing against your neck. This results in some annoyance. Furthermore, you may receive some static if you connect to more than one device at a time.

These earbuds will operate within a range of 25 to 30 feet. Overall, the Bluetooth works smoothly while traveling from one room to another. In any case, not bad for a pair of sports earphones at this price level.

Battery Life

On a full charge, the battery will last between 6 and 7 and a half hours. This is a little below average, but it isn't too bad. Of course, listening to media on abnormally high volumes will cause the battery to drain even faster.

Fortunately, the X4 is equipped with quick-charge technology. This means that charging your earphones for 10 to 15 minutes will provide you with approximately an hour of battery life. A full hour of charging time should recharge your battery completely.

Be advised that these earphones are not programmed with automatic shut off during periods of inactivity, so be careful with that as leaving them on while idle will drain your battery. To check your battery level either listen for the voice prompt or search for it on your mobile screen.

Technical Specifications

Jaybird Wireless earbuds include the following specifications: These are in-ear headphones with over or under-ear fit and passive sound isolation. These earbuds are equipped with 6mm drivers that produce 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response and 10mW RMS maximum output. They offer Bluetooth with AAC and SBC codecs. Additionally, they have IPX7 sweat and waterproof technology. The X4s are equipped with an integrated MEMS omnidirectional microphone and an integrated controller with Pogo pin charge connector. Also included is a MySound app with EQ. These earphones are available in Storm Metallic-Glacier, Alpha Metallic-Jade and Black Metallic-Flash finishes.

The Good and the Bad

In order to make an informed decision, you should always weigh the advantages against the disadvantage before buying any product. Having said that, here is an overview of the pros and cons of the X4 earbuds. You should be aware that these earbuds have a few disadvantages.

To begin with, these earbuds are not comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Also, there are a few glitches in the software that need to be worked out. Furthermore, the battery monitoring is not accurate and the battery life itself is below average.

On the positive side, these earbuds sport a feather-lite and flexible design with excellent build quality. These earbuds also provide a snug fit and are equipped with a decent cinch for managing the cables. They also provide pretty good audio for a sports set, not to mention, the sound is customizable. To top it off, these earbuds are completely water-resistant.

Overall Ratings

The Jaybird earphones were given a star rating in several categories. The star scale used ranges from one to ten, the higher the rating, the better. Here is how the X4s scored in each of the categories ranked: For bass quality, X4 received 8.5 stars. Sound quality in midrange and high-frequencies were rated at 7.5 stars. The design was given 9 stars, as was build quality and durability. Remote function and Bluetooth connectivity both received 9 stars. The overall value of these earbuds ranked in at 8 stars.

The Bottom Line

When it's all said and done, the X4s are a pretty decent set of earbuds. The overall sound quality is excellent for a mid-priced pair of sports earphones. The MySound app, with its preset profiles and customization options, provides added quality at no extra cost.

The IPX7 waterproof upgrade is a marvelous improvement over the previous model. This feature allows your earphones to function, letting you enjoy clear, unimpeded sound, even in the wettest of weather conditions.

If you need a quality set of gym earphones that are strong, extremely durable and almost unbreakable, the X4 earbuds are a safe bet. The improved cord management clip is an important feature during workouts and the vast array of tip and wing options make achieving a snug fit easy and quick.

Add to all of that, the X4's stylish looks and quality design and it becomes clear that these are a worthwhile pair of earbuds. In spite of a few minor imperfections, the X4 earbuds are a quality set and will satisfy your listening needs.