Marshall Major III Bluetooth Review

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Review

Marshall is a British brand that is known for delivering the very best when it comes to headphones. The new Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones live up to that reputation. These headphones are on-ear style and wireless. This means they rest directly on your ears, not around them. They are Bluetooth compatible and are appealing for a wide variety of reasons.

The Major line of headphones from Marshall started back in 2010. Although people were largely unimpressed by the originals, their second version was well-loved. These are an update on the 2016 Marshall Major II. New drivers and a new look are the most notable differences between the two sets of headphones.


Like all Marshall headphones, these are very easy on the eyes. They are meant to look like the iconic Marshall amplifiers everyone loves. With these headphones, you get small cups that fit snugly on the ears. They are covered in a stylish faux leather, which is a step-up over the vinyl on its predecessors. Like all Marshall products, you will see the logo on the earcups. The cups are also square instead or circular or oval, giving them a sophisticated look. Adding to the visual appeal is some gold-colored highlights. In order to improve over the Marshall Major II headphones, they improved the earpads for extra comfort.

The design of these headphones is straightforward. They consist of a straight fit headband, reinforced rubber dampers, and hinges that are stronger than the Major II had. The arms on these headphones are slimmer than the previous model as well. As a result, they are lighter and easier to wear for extended periods of time.

When purchasing this product you do not receive a carrying case. On the plus side, they do fold down at their hinges, making them easy to stick in your pocket or bag. In fact, they are considered to be completely collapsible. Unlike some of the more expensive Marshall headphones, these hinges are made of plastic. Users report that these are well-made headphones that are very durable. They can take a little tossing around without being broken.


You will find a gold-colored metal joystick on the left earcup. This manages all of the controls you will need. Having just the joystick helps give the headphones a nice, clean look. Holding it in will turn the headphones on or off. A quick press will either play or pause your music. When paired with your phone, a quick press of the joystick can also answer or reject a phone call. Two quick presses will activate either Siri or Google Assist on your phone. By tilting the joystick left or right you can skip tracks and by going up or down can adjust the volume.

To pair your new headphones with your device, simply hold the joystick down slightly longer when turning them on. This should allow you to find the headphones and pair them. While some people find the controls to be a little touchy, they are easy to get used to in time.

On the right earcup, you will find a standard 3.5mm analog headphone socket. This is great for when your batteries are low or if you just want to go wired for awhile. The USB cable that is included is nice and long. You can also share your music with a friend with this socket. They simply need to plug in their wired headphones.


The clarity is amazing in the Marshall Major III headphones. You get a very balanced sound that does not sacrifice bass. The Major III sounds great with a wide variety of music genres, not just the rock and roll that made them famous.

People who are looking for a "crunchy" sound in guitars will particularly love the sound these headphones give you. There is a very noticeable upper-mid boost. No one frequency will overwhelm all of the others for a nice, even listening experience.

With the newly upgraded 40mm drivers, these offer even better sound than their previous version. Although it is very noticeable, these are not the headphones for someone seeking thumping bass levels. Vocals come through very clearly. With direct, crisp sound, these are a great choice for almost any music fan.


With the new earpads, these are very easy to wear for extended periods. The inner part of the cup is made of a very soft synthetic leather. Inside of the pad's hole, you will find super soft velour. The designers clearly spent a lot of time on the ergonomic fit. The hinges are 3D and designed to rotate freely. This means they can adapt to the shape of your head for an incredibly comfortable fit.

On-ear headphones are not for everyone. Like all headphones of this type, wearing them all day may cause some ear fatigue. The design does a good job of keeping them on your head and being comfortable. Some users report the tension in the headphones is a little uncomfortable at first. Most people seem to find this goes away after wearing them for a while.

These headphones are light enough that you can wear them at the gym. The fit is secure enough that you can even do some light jogging in them, although they will not stay on as well as "sport" headphones.


The Bluetooth connection in the Marshall Major III is strong. These headphones pair easily and stay very stable. Users report no dropouts in their connection. You also get high-quality aptX streaming with compatible devices. This gives you less latency while providing you with higher fidelity. You can only connect these headphones to one device at a time. That being said, they can be paired with multiple computers, tablets, and phones.

These are not noise canceling Marshall headphones. The snug fit that may bother some users does do a decent job of blocking out some background noises. If you are looking for something with full-blown active noise cancellation, the Marshall MID Bluetooth headphones may be a better fit for you. They are pricier but often go on great sales.

The Marshall Major III wireless headphones do manage to isolate the noise decently well. This is impressive for a pair of on-ear headphones which have a reputation for allowing sound to bleed. That means you do not have to worry too much about bothering those around you when listening to these headphones.

Battery Life

With an impressive amount of battery life, these headphones can easily get you through the day. A fully charged pair of the Major III headphones can last up to 30 hours. This is true even if you like to listen to your music at a relatively high volume. You would have a hard time finding wireless headphones that can last longer on one charge. If you are looking for headphones to only wear on your commute, you will likely only have to charge these once a week.

These headphones charge almost twice as fast as the Major II. You can get a full charge in roughly 3 hours, even if they are completely dead. You can listen to these headphones in wired mode while they are charging. The included micro USB cable is all you need to charge these. One thing to keep in mind is that plugging these headphones in does not automatically turn off the Bluetooth feature.

What's In The Box

Included with these Bluetooth wireless headphones are a detachable cable and a user's manual full of safety and legal information. The removable cord is great because it allows for wired listening. It has a one-button remote on it as well as a microphone. This remote can control your music as well as phone calls. The only downside is you cannot control the volume or change tracks with it. Since it is a semi-coiled cord, the microphone and remote sit right at chin level.

There is not a noticeable difference between wired and wireless sound. Since they come with the cable, these are a great option for people who do a lot of air travel. Many planes do not provide headphones for the in-flight entertainment.


The Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones are a steal at around S$290. This is a very competitive price with other, similar on-ear Bluetooth headphones currently on the market. If that seems a little too steep for you, there is also a wired version of the Major III that will cost you around S$200. The wired version has all of the same features (other than the Bluetooth capability, obviously.) They are also a little lighter due to the lack of a built-in battery. Keep in mind, however, that many new phone models are eliminating the 3.5mm jack. Bluetooth/wireless listening is definitely a safer bet.

Final Thoughts

These Marshall wireless headphones offer a lot to love. The Major III is definitely an improvement over the previous models. With their great Bluetooth connection, amazing battery life, comfort, and great price, these just might be the best headphones out there for a variety of people.

On top of being a great and stylish statement piece to wear around, these headphones utilize 50 hears of the Marshall sound heritage to provide you with the ultimate listening experience. If you love the iconic Marshall look and don't mind the lack of noise cancellation and a carrying case, consider a pair of the Major III Bluetooth headphones.