Marshall Mid ANC Review

Marshall Mid ANC Review

Marshall's Mid ANC headphones boast the ability to take the user away from it all by proving loud, high quality sound while blocking out other noise. The retro style shouldn't fool anyone - these headphones utilize cutting edge technology. Built to last, the headphones still manage to be lightweight.

Sound Quality

A high level of sound quality is something consumers have come to expect with the Marshall brand, and these Marshall Mid ANC Wireless Headphones do not disappoint. No matter how loud they are turned up they deliver stunning sound without the distortion found in other headphones.

The bass level coming out of the headphones is consistent and well-balanced. Mid-ranges are flat and even and the treble level is more than satisfactory. Many people would find these headphones adequate for a variety of different types of music, while others would insist that they are designed for the "Marshall-style" - Rock. The only complaint would be the slightly under emphasized lead vocals, which is consistent with listening to rock music.

Even when these headphones are cranked up as high as they will go they continue to deliver clear sound.

Active Noise Cancellation

The ANC in the title of these headphones stands for Active Noise Cancellation. While wearing these, most ambient noises are blocked out. The conversations of those nearby, however, can make it through. This could be a drawback for some and an advantage to others who want to stay more aware of their surroundings when traveling. Noise leakage is minimal so the user can turn it all the way up with little concern about bothering fellow travelers.

Unlike some noise cancelling headphones, turning on the ANC feature of the Marshall Mid does not have a noticeable effect on the sound quality. Even while turning it off and on, the ANC does little to distort the listening experience.


It doesn't get any easier or efficient when it comes to headphone controls. The left ear cup is equipped with a multi-directional control knob that allows the user to adjust many things. The knob is very responsive and good at indicating when it has successfully activated a feature. By flicking the knob up or down, the user can adjust the volume. A light press of the knob will pause or play the current track. Holding down the knob will turn the headphones on or off. This is also the way to trigger Bluetooth pairing.

On the right ear cup, there is a button to turn on and off the ANC. Users must make sure to turn off the ANC as well as the headphones if they want to preserve battery life. When the dot on the right cup is red, the ANC is off and when it is gold, it is on. This is an incredibly user-friendly set-up.


These headphones look similar to all of Marshall's iconic products. A mixture of black and gold, they are very classy looking. With small, squarish ear cups, they do not stick out too far from the head. They have a rugged, textured coating designed to remind users of the Marshall guitar amps.

The headband is designed to hug the head. It was made to click to adjust, making it snug for the user. The brackets are solid metal and the hinge works well. Folding these headphones and putting them into the stylish carrying case adds to the portability.

The case is lined in red velvet and relatively small, but probably too large to stick in a pocket. The outside is made of faux leather. Being a soft case, it is ideal for protecting against scratches any mild bumps. Users should still take care to protect them from major impacts. The major upside of the soft case is that it is collapsible when not in use, which is a great space saver. One of the coolest things about this case is the magnetic closing flap.

Making it different than most ANC headphones it the fact that they are on-ear instead of over the ear. This is unusual because the on-ear usually lets noise in just because of the way it is designed. This does not seem to impact the Marshall Mid ANC Wireless Headphones too much.

Battery Life

With an impressively long battery life, these headphones are designed to easily get through the day. Lasting 20 hours with ANC on and an unbelievable 30 hours with it turned off, it is hard to not be completely satisfied with these. The only drawback is that they will not turn themselves off when inactive, meaning they will continue to drain as long as they are paired to a device if they are not switched off. Charging takes approximately 2 hours, which is not a bad trade-off for the amount of use they can give off of one charge.

Battery life can be effect by a few things, such as the volume they are being used at and how much of the time ANC is activated. Simply plugging in the audio cable does not turn off the Bluetooth feature, something users need to be aware of in order to preserve battery power.


The comfort of a pair of headphones generally comes down to two aspects: fit and how breathable it is. These headphones are on-ear style and are not as tight as some others in that category. Padding, especially in the headband, is more than enough to prevent chafing or other pain. Similar to all on-ear headphones, they can become uncomfortable after extended use, especially if the user wears glasses. Weighing only half a pound, they are incredibly light weight.

Marshall on-ear headphones are designed to be breathable. The outer ear stays nice and cool while using these. They are perfect for casual listening or for traveling. Intense exercising while wearing these, or any on-ear headphones, is not recommended. That being said, the snug fit and high comfort make them ideal for jogging.


On the right ear cup there are two ports; one for the micro USB to charge and one for the 3.5mm detachable headphone cable. The audio cable features an inline remote as well as a microphone for making calls. With gold connection points, this cable adds to the air of sophistication that goes along with this product. The cord, which is black, is even half-coiled, making it feel like studio headphones. The remote will not control the volume, however. Considering that most headphones don't come with this feature at all, that hardly seems like something to complain about.

Many headphone microphones leave a lot to be desired. The microphone included on the Marshall Mid was much better than the rest. Most people find there is no audio distortion at all when using it.

One of the coolest things about the 3.5mm cord that comes with this is the dual features it serves. On top of making them traditional wired headphones, they can be used to share music. While the headphones are streaming Bluetooth music, the 3.5mm socket acts as output instead of input. The cord can be used to plug in a different set of headphones with a 3.5mm socket. If the other headphones don't have that socket, their cord can be plugged directly into the Marshall Mid ANC Wireless Headphones.


The Marshall Mid ANC Wireless Headphone is incredibly user-friendly. In order to pair them with a device, it is simply a matter of holding down the power button for five seconds, finding them listed on your Bluetooth device, and then pairing. They come with a user's guide to help out in the unlikely event of problems. People who do not want to be bothered with Bluetooth can simply plug in the headphones to their device and enjoy their music.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The range on the Bluetooth here is quite impressive, going out to about 30 feet before encountering any issues. It has no problem penetrating through walls and hallways. While streaming music, there is no intermittent or dropped connections. When paired to a television, the user should experience no latency; the audio and the visual should match up perfectly.


Marshall's reputation is one of building products that last. These headphones come with a limited one-year warranty to cover any defects in the workmanship or materials of the headphones. Other than that, it is reasonable to expect that it the user takes care of these headphones, the headphones will take care of them for a long time. It is completely reasonable to expect this product to last a few years before needing replacing.

Our Verdict

At the end of the day, it would be hard to find a noise cancelling headphone that is better quality for less than $300. There is not much that the Marshall Mid ANC Wireless Headphones did not get right. Offering high quality Bluetooth audio and a decent level of noise cancellation, not to mention the microphone and awesome carrying case, it's easy to see how these would be a smart purchase. Up until recently, people in the market for good headphones had to choose between Automatic Noise Cancellation or Bluetooth capabilities. Now, there is an excellent option for them that is the best of both worlds.