Master & Dynamic MW50+ Review

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Review

The New York City-based audio hardware virtuosos at Master & Dynamic have released an update to the well-loved MW50, the MW50+ Wireless headphones. Unlike the MW50, this edition comes with an extra pair of high-quality, ear cups made with the same signature memory foam and lambskin design and easily detached magnets to customize your listening experience to any situation quickly and easily.

With these magnetic, easily swappable earpieces, these headphones promise both a premium, fashionable, high-quality, truly wireless headphone experience that is adaptable to your day-to-day without any fuss or discomfort. The MW50+ is perfect for style-minded listeners who want a premium audio product that delivers in spades, and audio lovers who invest in long-lasting audio hardware will love the MW50+, as each part is easily replaceable so you can enjoy the comfort and high-end experience of these headphones for years to come.

And yes, the MW50+ is more than just stylish. The signature 40mm beryllium drivers are a fantastic vehicle to deliver fine-tuned audio with the perfect amount of lows, mids, and highs for all of your listening needs. Master & Dynamic knows what their customers want and delivers in spades with the MW50+.


When opening the box, the MW50+ comes with a canvas carrying pouch with a satisfying magnetic enclosure at the top. Inside this adorable, double-lined travel bag is a tiny pouch with a 1.25m 3.5mm jack whenever you want a wired experience, and a USB Type C cable for charging the wireless headphones. The packaging also comes with a cylindrical leather box nestled between ear pieces that is perfect for holding loose cables and, with its gorgeous stitching and craftsmanship, is clearly built to last. Housed inside this case are a pair of over-ear earpieces that can easily be swapped with the default on-ear pieces via small magnetic enclosures. There’s also an easy to read guide for getting started inside the box. The cables look as sturdy as the leather case with their braided nylon exterior and metal end caps to add stability to sensitive areas.

Build Quality

The MW50+ has an excellent and sturdy feel in your hands, and the brushed stainless steel/aluminum frame padded with high-quality, supple leather that looks and feels incredibly premium. There’s no creaking or squeaking whatsoever with these gorgeous wireless headphones, unlike plastic-bodied headphones. The two sets of ear cups included are made with plush memory foam inside a soft, luxurious lambskin exterior. The on-ear cups are incredibly pliant and compress onto the ear until almost flat, but are never uncomfortable on the ear, just perfectly snug. The over-ear cups create impeccable noise isolation with the seal created around the ear. The premium grain cowhide-wrapped headband, while it could benefit from slightly more padding, is still incredibly snug and comfortable. Wearing these headphones feels like home. The Master & Dynamic MW50+ Wireless Headphones come in three finishes: silver metal and black leather, silver metal and brown leather, and black metal with black leather.


Inside these high-end headphones is an all-aluminum antenna that allows for improved Bluetooth range and reception. The MW50+ also folds flat and the rotation on the ear cups enabled this further for best-in-class portability. These wireless headphones have it all in terms of design.

Rather than touch controls, the on-ear buttons are pretty standard for Bluetooth headphones and very comfortable and easy to use. The left ear cup has a power switch that’s also used for pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled device, and a 3.5mm jack for wired listening, while the right ear cup has a USB-C input and a multi-use button as well as volume up and down buttons for easy sound adjustment. The USB Type C charging is much preferred over having micro USB charging due to its speed and incredibly convenience, and is a fantastic design choice here.

Comfort & Fit

The comfort of the build itself is incredible, and the experts at Master & Dynamic have clearly designed the MW50+ to prioritise listening in perfect comfort for hours on end. The 40mm beryllium drivers perform beautifully without overwhelming the ear, and the memory foam and lambskin ear pads on both the on-ear and over-ear cups are a dream to wear. True craftsmanship is evident at every stage of the design process with the MW50+, and glasses wearers will especially love the total package here as these headphones don’t jostle or squeeze glasses to the head. The headband could have used more padding, but it never caused discomfort. The soft leather wrapping was very premium in look and feel without compromising on comfort.

The on-ear fit of the first pair of cuffs is snug but comfortable, and fills the ear with music without being wearisome. The over-ear fit creates a beautiful seal that elevates the sound quality to a whole new level without sacrificing comfort or stability. The clamp of these headphones is perfectly firm and stable and makes them easily wearable for more than 8 hours at a time, but never tiresome or uncomfortable. Some listeners who prefer a tighter fit might want less of a gap between the head and the leather-wrapped band, but these headphones perform admirably and fit perfectly.

In short, these easily detachable magnetic ear cups are perfect for various situations. The on-ear cups of the MW50+ are best suited to at-home wear, and the over-ear cups are perfect for noise isolation while commuting, traveling, or simply out on the town and in need of some great music to pull you through. The noise isolation is very solid. The flexible, luxurious leather case is quality and protects these wireless headphones admirably without having to make compromises on space usage or protection.

Battery Life

The MW50+ Wireless Headphones will provide users with 16 hours of consecutive audio playback on a single USB-C charge at half volume, but even on full blast these headphones will give you well over a workday’s worth of music easily. The USB Type C charge is perfect for both its convenience and speed, so even if you lose the charge cable the MW50+ comes with, an old phone charger will save the day no problem. A power brick would have been even to have but isn’t necessary to maximize enjoyment of these truly wireless beauties. The 16-hour battery life is about right for wireless over-ear cans, but for on-ear headphones this is very impressive. This impressive battery life and fast USB Type C means true convenience without a lot of agonizing over whether you have enough battery for a couple of work days, long hikes, long commutes, or anything you use the MW50+ for.


The connectivity of the Master & Dynamic MW50+ isn’t half bad, though it’s certainly not the largest Bluetooth 4.1 range on the market. The standard range is 10 meters, or about 33 feet, and these wireless headphones perform admirably at that range. However, the advertised 30 meter range falls a bit short and can struggle with dropouts in connectivity. There is aptX codec on these headphones, but no aptX HD. Users will find no lag with an AAC-compatible device, and will rejoice upon finding they can connect the MW50+ to two devices simultaneously without any sort of audio lag. Device switching is both effortless and seamless. While there’s no active noise canceling, smartphone apps, or gesture controls, there is beauty in the simplicity of just connecting to whatever device you please and enjoying the finely-tuned, warm, rich sound that Master & Dynamic has perfected for a truly blissful wireless headphone experience.

Sound Quality

The most important part of any headset is the audio, and fortunately, the good folks at Master & Dynamic pair style and substance effortlessly. The over-ear sound quality is, in a word, superb. For those who want a wired passive audio experience, they'll love the 3.5mm audio cable for this purpose and enjoy the same excellent quality that is to be expected from Master & Dynamic's audio hardware.

The bass on the MW50+ Wireless Headphones is tight, driven, impactful, and well-balanced. While the bass tuning is not exactly designed for listeners obsessed with lots of bass in their music, it’s perfectly balanced with clear, strong, deep mids and crystalline, sparkling highs. High quality audio files pair best with these headphones, like gourmet cheese with a fine vintage wine, and is perfect for listening with a really pleasant amount of isolation. Those who like a lot of bass will be pleased to find there is no muddiness of sound or audio flapping at higher volumes.

The quality takes a slight hit with the on-ear cups. The bass is great still, but the mids and highs get toned down somewhat. The sound signature presented by the MW50+ is definitely geared for over-ear listening, which is exactly how it should be. The sound stage, with its 5Hz to 30kHz frequency range, is incredibly impressive and broad.

The 40mm beryllium drivers may sound like a marketing gimmick at first, but they really deliver a tight, well-rounded audio experience that is perfect for high-quality everyday listening. Distortion is next to nothing with these headphones on, and the warm tonality provided by the material that is absolutely delightful. The beryllium drivers create a lightweight, stiff, stable diaphragm that can't be replicated or matched by more malleable materials used for the same purpose, and are definitely a refreshing addition to the build.

When it comes to making calls, the dual microphone setup is competent and crisp in quality, but the lessening of ambient noise could have been improved slightly. In windy conditions, you may hear a slight windy sound. Making calls indoors is ideal to get the most out of call quality with the MW50+, but outdoor calls are doable. While the on-ear headphones are fine for listening to calls, you will get the most out of listening to calls while wearing the over-ear cans in order to make the most of the natural noise isolation those ear cups provide over their on-ear cousins.

Our Verdict

With best-in-class looks and premium performance to boot, Master & Dynamic has delivered again with the MW50+. Both the on-ear and in-ear cups are convenient, comfortable, and perfect for day-to-day dual purpose usage. If you don’t need high-end noise canceling but appreciate natural noise isolation, you will love these. The build is solid and high-quality, and will last for years to come without issue. The Bluetooth connectivity could be better, but 30 feet isn’t anything to turn one’s nose up at by any stretch of the imagination.

All in all, these truly wireless headphones are perfect for the fashion-conscious consumer who looks for quality and longevity in their audio gear, and are absolutely worth giving a chance. After all, who wouldn't want to be cushioned in plush lambskin, leather, and memory foam while listening to their favourite tunes all day?