MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review

You might not immediately think of MEE when thinking of companies that deliver top-notch sound quality in your head. However, with the introduction of the MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 headphones, you might have to change that thought.These headphones give you utterly amazing sound quality while offering a slew of great features. MEE stands for Music Enjoyment for Everyone, and with the balanced and neutral sound of these headphones, they live up to the name. It is very difficult to achieve a sound signature that will appeal to almost everyone without being boring, but the MME Audio Pinnacle P1s do just that.


These are earbuds that share a lot of design features with other MEE headphones. The earpieces are on the small side. With their curvy shape, they manage to look both sophisticated and tough at the same time. The metal that makes up the main shells is actually two pieces of zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is a great choice because it is sturdier than aluminium while weighing much less than stainless steel. To further add to the rugged look, these headphones have a brushed grey finish. You will find the MEE logo painted onto both earbuds. The seam between the two pieces of metal is easily visible. While this may bother some people, it can also be seen as a design choice to add to the overall look. Each earbud has a single port on the internal side. These ports act as vents.

The Audio Pinnacle P1 headphones weigh only 0.4oz, making them remarkably comfortable to wear all day. These in-ear headphones are lighter than many of the current competitors on the market, despite not being made of aluminum. The jellybean design is incredibly well thought out. MEE has made the part that goes in the ear polished and smoothed to perfection. The shortish nozzle on these means you need to push them into your ears a bit. This helps to create a tighter seal. To further improve on the fit, the nozzle angles upwards a little bit.


A lot of thought and careful design went into these headphones to deliver you with amazing sound quality. They are nearly perfectly tuned and even have a built-in special acoustic chamber. This chamber, which MEE refers to as an "acoustic diffuser," is great for amplifying certain frequencies and enhancing your overall listening experience. It makes the higher frequencies in your music resonate before they ever reach your ear. The result is a crisp and detailed sound that does not feel harsh. A single 10mm dynamic driver was meticulously developed over the course of two years to deliver these awesome sounding headphones. During this time, the engineers collected as much customer feedback as possible.

MEE has a patent on this technology.

Although these are not meant to be noise-cancelling, they do provide a decent amount of isolation. The vents pointing in instead of out is one of the reasons these beat most other in-ear headphones for isolation. These can easily be worn on busy public transportation, especially by those who like to stay somewhat aware of their surroundings. For those trying to block out as much noise as possible, the Comply foam tips will do the best job while also giving you the purest sound.

The mid and high ranges (treble) come across surprisingly clear for a pair of earbuds. Both male and female vocals can be easily heard and understood when listening to music. One minor complaint is that call volume can be a little lower than ideal. For listening to music, however, these elements are spot on.

As for the lower end, the all-important bass, these headphones really shine. The bass is very well rounded and manages to be present without being overwhelming. These headphones can easily take on other, more expensive in-ear headphones that have fancier technology. This is due to the time spent by the engineers at MEE getting the Pinnacle P1 headphones to be perfectly tuned. One of the best things about the bass is it does not bleed and impact the mids.

How large the soundstage is in height, width, and depth is unusual for a pair of in-ear headphones. The expansion can even rival some on-ear headphones currently on the market. The music is definitely better when plugged into a good system. That being said, they can provide a great listening experience for anyone just wanting to listen to tunes on their phone. While it is true that some people may complain that these headphones don't deliver enough of whatever their personal preference is, it would be hard to actually find something to complain about with the sound of these headphones.

Using Amplifiers

While many users find these headphones work great plugged directly into their phone, others seem to feel that an external amplifier is necessary to fully enjoy them. Certain smartphones may struggle to provide enough power, even at max volume. On the other hand, the newest versions of the iPhones and Samsung Galaxies seem to have no problem on their own. Whether or not an amplifier is necessary will ultimately come down to your personal listening preferences.


In order to make sure that everyone got a comfortable fit, MEE includes nine different tips. You get three standard silicone ones, three Comply foam ones, and three double-flanged silicone ones. It would be hard to imagine not being able to find the perfect tips for yourself out of that lineup. Testing out the different tips takes only a matter of moments and then you are set. Keep in mind, the tips you choose and the way they fit in your ear may have a small impact on the overall sound you get out of your headphones.

People may worry that the metal on these in-ears makes them difficult to wear for extended periods. That is simply not the case. These headphones can be worn all day without causing any uncomfortable pressure. With their sealed dynamics they can be popped in once and then left alone until you're ready to stop listening to music. The MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 headphones are ergonomic and are meant to be worn over the ear. That being said, many users report being able to have them hang straight down without any issues. When the hang straight down, the microphone is in a better position if you are using the standard cable.


There are two cables included with these headphones. One of these cables does have a "remote" to allow you to control your music and phone calls. There is only one button on this remote. One quick push will allow you to play or pause the track or to answer or end a call. Two quick pushes send you to the next track. Three quick pushes will send you to the previous track. Some users report difficulty getting the three pushes in quickly enough, but with a little practice, it should get easier. For those who have iPhones, a long press of the button will activate Siri.

What’s Included

The box itself is absolutely beautiful. It is black matte and opens down the center to reveal the headphones, carrying case, and two smaller boxes for the other accessories. You get a leather wallet as a carrying case for your headphones. The case comes complete with a metal snap clasp to make sure it stays secure. Inside of the case, you will find suede to let your earbuds ride in comfort and style. There is also a metal plate that has the serial number of your headphones laser-etched onto it. You can even clip this case right on your belt. It is a pretty fancy setup, for sure.

You get two cables of identical length. They both have universal MMCX connectors. There is a somewhat standard black one that is designed for your average listening. It has a built-in microphone and inline controls. You also get a clear cable that is intended for amplifier listening. The silver-plated copper wire is easily visible through this slightly thicker cable. In order to provide the crispest sound possible, MEE used 99.99% pure copper. This fancier option has no microphone or built-in controls. It is intended for the audio purists of the world. Even if you are one of the few people who cannot hear a difference between the cords, you will likely appreciate having a spare.

Both cables can be easily clicked into the earbuds. The cables are partially coiled, which while great for the look can make untangling them somewhat challenging. Both cables are also braided tightly, giving them a stylish and durable feel. Due to the braiding, the cords are somewhat rigid. You get your typical 3.5mm jack as well as an attachment for 6.3mm listening. There is also the standard user's manual with safety information and detailed instructions for getting the most out of your headphones.


At over S$300, the MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 headphones are definitely not cheap. They are, however, worth it. They deliver comparable sound to earbuds that sell for up to S$100 more. The addition of all the ear tips, the two cables, and the carrying case make the Pinnacle P1 worth its price. For those who hesitate to spend that much money on headphones, know that they come with a 1-year warranty. Ultimately, the price to performance ratio makes these headphones worth serious consideration. The reality is it is rare to see this amount of quality and accessories at this price point.

Our Verdict

Overall, MEE has really knocked it out of the park with the Audio Pinnacle P1 headphones. With a sound that should appeal to almost everyone and the comfort to wear them all day, these would be a great buy for just about anyone. Throw in the awesome accessories and the sweet carrying case and these are a steal for the price. The MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 headphones are also great to use for those who like to game or watch a lot of movies on their portable devices. With a smooth and balanced tone, these are great for gamers. They manage to be fun while still engaging. The spatial rendering can even be a bit of an advantage for those who know how to use it. Generally speaking, in-ear headphones leave a lot to be desired when it comes to movie watching. That is not the case with the Pinnacle P1s. These bad boys have the bass power to really give you the full impact of the movie you are watching. While MEE does have other in-ear headphones on the market that are considerably cheaper, they cannot compare to the Audio Pinnacle P1. These headphones are clearly intended to be the flagship product for MME and they represent it well. They provide sound that is so good in a package that is so durable they may never need to be replaced.