NOTHING Ear(a) True Wireless Earbuds (Yellow)

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Wireless - Bluetooth
Connects To:
Computer & Mobile
Wearing Style:
Stereo (In-Ear)
With Charging Case

Let's play

Made for every part of every day, Ear (a) is for the music lovers.

In signature Nothing fashion, Ear (a) evolves our transparent design but takes an iconic new direction with a fresh bubble design. Your pocket's new best friend.

Slim new frame

Featuring soft contours with a slimmer rectangular format. Extra comfortable for holding in hands or sliding into pockets. Still light as a feather with a total weight of 49.2 g, and just 4.8 g per earbud.

Let’s go yellow

With transparency, our products showcase the inner workings of technology. We apply the same philosophy to colour. If we strip back how colours are built, we are left with the primary colours. This led us to Ear (a) yellow. A vivid and playful audio product, capable of producing a sound that’s just as bright.

Ahead of the curve

With its raised contours and bubble-like appearance, the case for Ear (a) takes inspiration from everyday pill packets.

Hear wherever you are

Up to 45 dB

Our strongest noise cancellation yet. So you can go from quiet rooms to busy streets without hearing a thing (other than what's playing).

Smart Active Noise Cancellation

Ear (a) automatically checks for noise leakage between the earbud and your ear canal, then applies more noise cancellation to make up for it. So you receive the best possible noise cancellation. Happens every time you put them in.

Adaptive ANC

Next-level escapism. Switch between 3 levels of noise cancellation. Or let Ear (a) take control. By selecting 'Adaptive' in the Nothing X app, Ear (a) automatically applies the right level of noise cancellation according to your surroundings in real time, so you don't have to.

Extra deep, extra clear

With a driver designed to protect each and every detail, high notes hit deeper and lows feel richer.

Powerful 11 mm driver Clear, rich, punchy

We've made our driver even more compact. With double the power than Ear (2), Ear (a) delivers an even deeper bass performance.

The extra space gives sound waves more room to vibrate. With two new vents, airflow is improved inside the bud. For less distortion and richer overall clarity.

Bass Enhance algorithm New depths

Ear (a) enhances low frequencies in your music in real-time, elevating bass-heavy sounds so that you can hear every detail.

Hi-Res Wireless Audio certified Powerfully pure

To protect sound details, Ear (a) is Hi-Res Audio Certified for playback up to 990kbps and frequencies up to 24 bit/96 kHz. 

Compatible with the widely supported LDAC* codec for high-resolution streaming over Bluetooth. The result is a powerfully pure audio experience. Just how the artist intended.

* Requires devices that support LDAC

Play on and on and on

All talk, all action. We’ve made space for a bigger battery without compromising on sound. So you can listen for longer.

Clear Voice Technology

Clear as day. Ear (a) isolates your voice from everyday distractions so calls on-the-go feel like face-to-face conversations. With a new talk mic and extra airway on the stem for wind to pass through, we’ve reduced interference by 60% compared 
to Ear (2).

Up to 9.5 hours of music

Compared to Ear (2), Ear (a) can deliver 40.5% more non-stop play time on a single charge. Or pop your earbuds back in the case and stretch listening time to over 42.5 hours (with ANC turned off).

Fast Charge

For speedy power-ups, Ear (a) can Fast Charge for 10 minutes and deliver 10 hours of music playback (with ANC turned off).

Dual Connection

Stay connected to two devices at the same time. Play music on your laptop then seamlessly switch to answer a call on your phone. Effortless.

Low Lag mode

Reduced audio lag for better gaming. Triggered automatically in Game Mode on a Nothing phone. With end-to-end latency at less than 120 ms.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions Ear Bud
    • Dimensions: 30.9 mm x 21.7 mm x 24.3 mm
    • Weight: 4.8 g
  • Dimensions Case
    • Dimensions: 47.6 mm x 63.3 mm x 22.7 mm
    • Weight: 39.6 g
  • Sound
    • Driver: 11 mm dynamic driver
    • Diaphragm: PMI + TPU
    • Tuning: Nothing
  • Battery
    • Battery type: Rechargeable li-ion battery
    • Earbud: 46 mAh
    • Case: 500 mAh
    • Wired charging: USB Type-C
    • Fast Charging with ANC off: 10 minutes for 10 hours
    • Playback with ANC off: Up to 42.5 hours with case and 9.5 hours with buds only
    • Playback with ANC on: Up to 24.5 hours with case and 5.5 hours with buds only
    • Talk time with ANC off: Up to 23 hours with case and 5.2 hours with buds only
    • Talk time with ANC on: Up to 18 hours with case and 4 hours with buds only
  • Noise Cancellation
    • Depth: Up to 45 dB
    • Frequency range: 5000 Hz
    • Features:
      • Smart ANC algorithm
      • Adaptive ANC
      • Transparency mode
  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth Version: 5.3
    • Codec: AAC, SBC, LDAC

What's Included

  • Pair of earbuds
  • Ear tips in size S, M, L
  • Charging case
  • Type-C cable
  • Safety information and warranty information