Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Review

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Review

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones offer high-end sound for a small package. Made in Germany, they offer superior mid-range clarity and are Bluetooth compatible. These wireless headphones come with a companion app and it’s very clever and useful. If you enjoy and appreciate quality sound, they’re one of the best wireless on-ear headphones that money can buy.

Sound Quality

To gain a better understanding and appreciation for these wireless headphones, you must know the work the Aventho Wireless’s engineers have put into place and the years invested with design and the vigorous lab tests to ensure they’re the best quality wireless on-ear headphones on the market today. Tesla technology which Beyerdynamic is legendary for is used in their wireless applications and produces an outstanding sound performance.

Despite Beyerdynamic headphones’ compact size, an undeniable richness of quality, clear, and detailed sound is guaranteed. From booming bass to ultra-clear mids and crystal clear highs; Aventho is very convincing with its enormous sound. To get the most out of your Beyerdynamic headphones use Bluetooth 4.2 protocol along with the aptX HD Codec by Qualcomm for the best audiophile transmission quality and high resolution.

One listen to the richness of the mid-range tones, exceptionally clear highs, and low ends that penetrate to your core will leave you wanting more. They leave the competition behind when comparing the midrange detail, the presence and tone, which make the vocals sound weightier and realistic. This mid-range ability gives a sound stage awareness and gives you the feeling of being in a live concert.

The high-quality sound you get from Beyerdynamic headphones is due in fact its excellent hardware and dependable aptX HD support. If sound quality is a concern, there’s nothing to worry about, these headphones leave even its best competitors in the dust. Low hums occasionally punctuate the music playback, however, the drivers are supported by ultra-strong magnets that produce superior sound reproduction. This lets the listener hear individual instruments at low volumes.

The Aventho Wireless drivers allow the vocals to jump out and are even more impressive once you tune them using the MIY app, this is a copy of Sennheiser’s central channel, being Aventho Wireless’s top competitor, can’t rival. Then add the powerful bass and quality highs and you’ve got a perfect mix of sound for which Aventho Wireless is known for. The sound is unmistakable without resorting to some techniques by lower end headphones that might have a V-Shaped sound which makes the sound really good, however, it leaves the mids out and Aventho Wireless’s wireless headphones don’t have that problem, all 3 ranges are covered.

Design & Build Quality

The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headband is made from high-quality metal which is both flexible and durable. They’re really light and despite the fact they don’t fold up, they’re still considered to be portable and the size is manageable.

The earcups seem to feel heavier the Beyerdynamic T51i, but this doesn’t make them fell overbearing at all. They swivel freely in all directions on their yolks and still have an on-ear fit. The right earcup contains the sensitive on touch controls for all the playback functions.

Beyerdynamic Headphones earpads are made of a really soft and thin material, providing comfort, and reduce sweating by a patented cool-breath design.

Aventho Wireless uses USB-C to charge the headphones, there’s also a 3.5mm socket located on the right ear cup that allows listening even as the battery is dying. One downside is when you’re on a trip, the wireless headphones don’t fold up but for the inconvenience, Beyerdynamic gives you a really nice padded canvas carrying bag to keep your headphones free from damage.


The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones comes with an app called the MIY. It can personalize the sound to your unique preferences and your listening habits. After you enter the year of your birth, it will test your hearing. Some who have taken the test say that they had trouble telling the difference after the test, while others said it made a huge difference. The app allows you to choose your level of intensity and how dynamic you want it to be. Many users find this feature to be helpful because it makes a substantial difference in the sound.

These are really simple headphones to use once you get used to them and you can take them with you on a noisy subway or flight and the passive isolation will stand on its own. They have great streaming Bluetooth capabilities, aptX HD support which is a standard Android 8.0 feature, and about 30 hrs of use before the battery needs to be recharged. When the headphones are turned on, a voice prompt tells you the battery life left, it also tells you if you’re connected and it alerts you when the headphones are turned on or off.

Ease of Use

One button controls the power and the right cup has touch control and this gives you the option to control the volume and skip between songs. The simplicity of not having any buttons is a bonus, however, getting used to the touch control takes some practice. The wireless headphone can also support two devices at a time. The range for the wireless headphones is about 30 feet, after that the sound starts to drop out. The clarity of these headphones is great even in obnoxiously loud environments.

Setting up your Beyerdynamic Wireless Headphones isn’t as easy as listening to a bunch of beeps in a row for 5 minutes at a time, it does take some time to set these headphones up properly, but it’s definitively worth the time and effort as it makes a huge difference in how your audio sounds.

Data is stored in the headphones which keeps your sound profile even if you switch to another device. It’s worth to mention that Android and iOS versions of the app were hit and miss when connecting to Aventho Wireless headphones for the first time. This is technology that will be implemented even more in the future with Beyerdynamic and other brands like Bragi.

Once set up is complete it’s good to know that Beyerdynamic Wireless gives Aventho Wireless aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to play an audio file at a 24bit/48kHz resolution.

These headphones also manage other low-frequency beats that blend together for a perfect low-end sound you would expect from a high-quality pair of wireless headphones. From very deep hums to earth-shaking rumbles and the faster heartbeats will enhance your experience while listening to these headphones.

What’s Included

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones

Ultra plush canvas carrying bag

Audio cable/mini 3.5mm jack plug

USB A to USB C charging cable

Our Verdict

These headphones are not only sophisticated and business-like for the office worker, the black plastic, metal, and leather provide a very professional appearance as well. It has a long battery life, custom sound signatures, and soft-touch controls, it’s coupled with an app Sound Watching which gives listeners analysis about the duration of listening time and with their personal song selections. The best part of the app is the playback volume warning system, it will let you know if you’ve been exposed to high levels and can help you by preventing hearing strains before they happen.

One of the best things about Aventho Wireless is they stand up to any competition on the market today and you can use them for a variety of sources and a wider range of music. You can be very confident that these headphones provide a steady performance across the board and identifies with your own personal preference for music. From advanced technology and the playback analysis, these new on-ear wireless headphones will have the quality you expect from a top name like Beyerdynamic.