Fiio X7 Mark II Review

Fiio X7 Mark II Review

Flagship audio devices are no stranger when it comes to audio player reviews. The same can be said for the Fiio X7 Mark II Digital Audio Player. It continues to maintain its popularity with consumers that enjoy listening to their favorite music with an exceptional Android based music player. It’s fair to say this digital audio player is extremely advanced when you consider the fact that if offers different output powers and levels of quality sound.

The X7 is a flagship model, but it was designed to set the standard for audio players around the globe. Some compare it to the X5 III, but the X7 has more incredible features that are worth taking note of. Let’s see if the X7 continues to represent the quality and value it held during its first launch several years ago.


The X7 is the first Fiio device to display a premium build. Design is typically one of the points that consumers consider while shopping for an audio player. Like the X5 III, the X7 has a slick and attractive uni-body aluminum design. This makes it easy to handle and carry around.

There is a tiny plastic window at the rear. This window allows the player to receive easy wireless transmission. This is wonderful when you consider that you may be in an area that may pose a challenge for the X7 to pick up wireless transmission.

Fiio is the perfect response to consumers that complained about the difficulty of switching amplifier modules to get enhanced sound. It’s imperative to point out that the X7 allows users to switch amplifier modules to get lower noise levels with dependable iems, and more driving power with high-quality headphones. It’s worth mentioning that the modular amplifiers offer acceptable flexibility that will surpass the user’s expectations.

Unlike other audio players on the market today, the X7 has a durable metal build. This is great news for consumers that are looking for an audio player that does not have a flimsy casing. As we stated earlier, the X7’s build makes it easy for it to withstand the shock that comes from accidental drops. It measures at 130 mm x 64 mm x 16.6 mm and 220 g.

The metal buttons on this premium audio player are sensitive and perform extremely well. They may be slightly shallow, but they can be recognized with ease. It’s fair to say they are arranged perfectly well.

A 4’’ 800 x 480 display is featured on the front of the impressive X7. The screen (brightness) can be adjusted with ease. For instance, you can adjust the brightness if you are having difficulty seeing the screen at night. The contrast and viewing angles are two features that will surpass your expectations. The X7 may not have high Dpi when compared to other premium smartphones, but the text is sharp and excellent UI elements are present.

The X7 has the physical features that audio player owners dream of. The right and left sides are perfectly aligned with a rocker at the top and one button below. You can skip songs and change the volume with the rockers. This can be done while the buttons take care of the play, pause, and power functions. The Fiio also offers a solid software option for left-handed users.

The power button and line out is conveniently located on top of the player. One small sd card slot is located on the left side. After it’s inserted, the card is flush with the side of the device. This helps protect it from accidental removal and damage. An extended card is also painstaking for many people do deal with.

On the top of the X7, you will find a line and coax output for an external amplifier. The bottom of the device houses vital amp modules and the main interfaces. The small modules slide into the device with ease with the aid of a wide connector.

The modules are home to the micro-usb charging/data port. They are fixed to the housing with the aid of two T5 screws (one on each side). Fortunately, the screws are flush with the housing. They will not snag in your clothing or cause discomfort.

AM1 –AM2

The pulsar light lies above the modules. They behave like a notification LED, and add clear visual intrigue to this fine audio player. The brightness and action of the light can be adjusted in the software. Within seconds, you can adjust the light to suit your needs.

The light has a solid glow when the device is in use and pulses while charging. Other impressive features of the X7 include a light sensor above the display. The light sensor offers precise auto brightness adjustments and an accelerometer. You will not find this feature in many other audio players around today.


The Fiio has a powerful 3500mah internal lithium ion battery that is slightly larger than the 3400mah unit found in the X5 III. The battery will perform extremely well for nine hours. You can listen to your favorite musicians for hours without any interruption. This is great when compared to other batteries that come with competing audio players. You can look forward to several hours of usage, and the standby drain will meet your standards.


The Fiio is well-known for its outstanding sound. To the surprise of many, the updated X7 continues to set the standard for sound in the audio player market. It has a nice and crisp sound that will complement any music genre. According to a recent poll, many were impressed with the X7’s unique contemporary sound.


Many audio players have struggled with offering quality sound with low or no hissing. The X7 (with AM1 or AM2) is a leader in the audio players market because it has minimal hiss. This is ideal for sensitive iems in audio players. It’s fair to say the AM2 model is probably the most versatile module in this department.


You may ask, “How can this portable audio player deliver this dynamic sound?” The X7 has a single Saber ES9018. This is a well-respected DAC chip with superb sound quality and reliable file support. This high-quality chip carries a louder and clearer sound.

The X7 has an outstanding audio presentation that shines with in-ears and open back headphones. The earlier Fiio digital audio players had no problem excelling in this department, but the new X7 has taken things to a higher level. For example, earlier models failed in offering placed precision when it came to direct vocals. In layman terms, they had a spacious sound. Many have stated that the X7 sounds like a live recording. This is fascinating when you consider the fact that many digital audio players are notorious for failing to live up to the market’s expectations.

The Fiio has a detailed mid-range, smooth clarity, and improved resolution. This is especially true when it comes to listening to male vocals. The X7 has no problem with handling complex passages. The X7 is an older device, but it will not fail in performing like a source of refined sound.

Fiio is one solid brand that has impressed people from all walks of life. Fiio has made an earnest effort to surpass the expectations of the market. This is especially true when it comes to The Fiio X7. The X7 has gone through many fixes and software updates over the years. It looks like a smartphone, but don’t be deceived by the modular design.

The X7’s hardware is not innovative when compared to other digital audio players on the market, but it excels when it excels when it comes to offering excellent user experience. It’s important to note that the rich Android user face makes it extremely easy to use.


Accessories should be taken into consideration when it comes to purchasing an audio player. Accessories compliment digital audio players and they are designed to extend their capabilities. You will not be disappointed with the accessories that come with the revamped X7.

When it comes to packaging, the X7’s specifications are similar to the X5 III. The X7 is surrounded by foam in a hard box. This exceptional device comes with a pre-installed plastic screen protector. However, it does not have a tempered glass like the X5 III. The pre-installed plastic screen protector ensures that the screen is not damaged during shipping.

It’s not unusual for some to drop their audio player by accident. In many instances, the audio player is destroyed once it hits the ground. Fortunately, this player comes with a durable plastic case that is designed to protect it from accidental drops and scratches. You will have a peace of mind in knowing that your X7 is protected from potential damage if you drop it.

The Fiio comes with the following vital accessories: a handy T5 screwdriver, a micro-usb cable, a 3.5 mm to coax cable, extra screws, extra screen protectors, several skins, basic instructions, and warranty papers.


Price is one matter that should be discussed when it comes to reviewing digital audio players. It’s important to point out that you should only focus on buying a digital audio player that will be suitable for your listening needs. The Fiio X7 digital audio player is priced reasonably when you consider the things it brings to the table. The Fiio is available at an affordable price to anyone shopping for a digital audio player that continues to shatter the industry. The Fiio X7 Mark II has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of S$999. This is not a bad when you consider this special digital audio player’s features and capabilities.

Our Verdict

Some digital audio player manufacturers make improvements to their products, but these improvements turn out to be detrimental in the end. Luckily, the new features on the X7 do not compromise its sound quality. This shows that digital audio player lovers can depend on older technology to live up to their high standards. It’s fair to say that many new models cannot compete with the X7’s capabilities. The X7 should be your top choice if you’re looking for a digital audio player that offers an organic and smooth take on Saber sound.

The X7 has been around for several years, but it should not be underestimated. It has an impressive display, a dynamic user interface, and many other intangibles that you cannot afford to ignore. With clear and refined sound, the X7 can change amp modules without missing a beat. You can make some simple adjustments to the sound and output power for various headphones.

Flagship products are well-known for setting the precedence. The same can be said of the Fiio X7 Mark II Digital Audio Player. This incredible digital audio player has undergone many changes over the years. The Fiio has an outstanding reputation for surpassing the expectations of consumers that enjoy using an audio player at work, at home, or on the go. At the end of the day, the Fiio X7 Mark II Digital Audio Player will turn out to be one of the best digital audio player investments you will ever make with your hard-earned money.