Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless comes in a beautiful and sleek design with large ear cups and remains as one of our most popular over-ear headphones due to their excellent sound quality and heavy bass.

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless features a Bluetooth connection, 40-hour battery life, call, track, and volume control as well as a built-in microphone. These features all come together to achieve the sonic goal of a wider stereo field, transparent reproduction, and high resolution. Standing tall as Skullcandy’s flagship product, the Crusher Wireless is an outstanding pair of headphones that exhibit a unique and dreamy U-shaped frequency response. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones are a work of art and come highly recommended. This device has a sleek and modern finish that is eye-catching and are available in a beautiful black color and white with tan accents.

Build Quality

As you would expect, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is packaged in a rather smart looking casing. It comes inclusive of a textured box that is packed with the headphones and a carry case. Its presentation case is well packaged with custom cut medium-high density foam which encapsulates these headphones ensuring that they do not get damaged during shipping. The carrying case is a simple, beautiful black soft material that can help stop dust build up when headphones are not in use.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless sports a stainless steel mesh, Leona (a stiff plastic used to soften steel) and incredibly luxurious earpad cushions made from a unique micro fiber. The headband that connects the earpieces is laminated with steel and plastic and finally covered in more microfiber. The black model is incredibly sleek, and the black finish eludes luxury. The white model is also as eye-catching with contrasting tan ear pads. Overall, the headphone’s finish is sleek, modern, and extremely eye-catching.

Sound Quality

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless comprises of a warning tone that works well with a wide range of genres and sources. The bass is one of the best features of this device. This model has no issues playing shallow frequency content. Shallow bass is well defined, and you will also note that they have no problem rapidly transitioning between low bass frequencies. These headphones are also free of any excessive midbass push yet they still have plenty of impact at midbass frequencies. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has no problem playing the entire bass spectrum with both speed and authority.

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless have been specially designed to help with low-frequency reproduction. It has a nice solid feel and it’s ultra-resilient. The headphones connects seamlessly with your media device. Its diaphragm gives it right flexibility with dynamic contrast and imaging. As a result, frequency response ranges from an incredible 5Hz – 45 kHz. Their frequency bands help lower distortion at the extremes and create a refined listening experience like never before!

The vibrating part of its diaphragm is not its circular interior but its outer ring. To enable Skullcandy Crusher Wireless better control sound quality and reduce distortion, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless included a ring radiator that produces a very coherent waveform. You’ll note that their diaphragm is mounted forward – this little design technique mimics a close feel of what happens when you are listening to music through a high-end speaker system.

Overall, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has very detailed sound with great tight bass and crisp hi frequencies. Simply put, its sound quality is addictive. If you love bass, then these headphones are exactly what you need. They have an incredible bass quality that will make you think you are inside a club. The sound clarity is perfect and not at all distorted or covered up by the bass emitting from within.


One great thing about Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is how the sound quality feels more like you are using high-end speakers than it does headphones. Instead of just adding more resolution; the company ingeniously decided to focus more on adding more bass, sound depth and quality. If your sole purpose is more bass, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is the best choice for you. However, if you want to experience sound quality like never before, then Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is an excellent alternative to consider - you’ll be able to hear the tiniest details in symphonic works. Any self-professed audiophile is obsessed with obtaining the best device that will allow them to hear every last detail in music – movements, background noise, and range.

This item’s sounds have less resonant feedbacks which lead to clearer highs and louder lows. It also amplifies gratuitous noise as well. You will enjoy how smooth sounds emit from the ear pads and into your ears. These headphones are very natural in regards to spatial presentation, in an entertaining way. If you enjoy crisper, brighter, and more detailed renditions, then you’ll love this Skullcandy Crusher Wireless. Their design and features allow a user to hear small details such as the melodies of a piano, guitar, etc.


The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless connects to your listening device via Bluetooth. This means that you’ll be able to connect and have a standard range of 10 meters and up to 33 feet. You will still be able to listen to your music without any connectivity issues to as far as 33 feet away.

Noise Isolation

Granted that there are better noise rejection models out there Skullcandy Crusher Wireless still holds up pretty well. External noise is isolated, and its passive noise rejection capabilities are excellent. However, when worn, there is a small leakage as vocal sounds appear pronounced, which is a bit of a disappointment considering Skullcandy Crusher Wireless closed back format and their price.

Comfort and Fit

The fit and finish are simply great. They have a solid feel and are comfortable in both the headband as well as ear cups. This item provides sufficient adjustment in both headband size and ear cup swivel to fit many head sizes. The lacquer finish on ear cups is a very nice touch. To top it all, ear pads are made of a very soft and supple synthetic leather that ensures a user is comfortable at all times. This model is very comfortable to wear for long periods. Its microfiber ear cushions protect a user’s ears from any discomfort. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is lightweight as well. It comprises of a small design that provides exceptional balance and comfort regardless of how long you use them. The battery life on these headphones offers 40 hours of music playback. This is quite impressive seeing that you can play music all day and night for almost 2 days without needing to charge up. That is unheard of in many wireless headphones. Imagine not having to worry about your music dying out on you while you are on a road trip.

Key Features

  • Delivers seamless integration with any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Bluetooth wireless with up to 40 hours of battery life with rechargeable battery
  • A refined memory foam ear pad that allows noise isolation fit
  • Creates sturdy, adjustable bass that you will feel
  • Has custom tuned drivers
  • Memory foam ear pads provide clear sounds and cuts out noise
  • Deeply immersive audio – premium acoustics and stereo haptic bass work together to take your media to a whole new level
  • The Stereo Harpic Bass transmits powerful bass that can feel to each ear for an actual left and right variable bass
  • Dual, custom tuned audio drivers and noise isolation memory foam pads that refine your overall listening experience
  • Has a call, track and volume control feature which makes it easier for a user to add or reduce volume without having to use your listening device
  • Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones have 7 x 6.9 x 3.5 inches in overall measurement
  • Ear pads made of special high-quality material that provides incredible comfort


  • Incredible frequency balance
  • Attractive design and finish
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High-quality cable
  • Nice sound stage for a closed headphone
  • Great quality and quantity of bass
  • Highly scalable – sounds great even from a 200 sound card
  • Attractive design and finish
  • Comfortable ear pads
  • Provides an incredible sound experience


  • Mids can see a little recessed on some amps and with some sources

Our Verdict

There is no denying that Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is a stunning pair of headphones. It comprises of an outstanding build quality, an incredible finish, and a unique U shaped sonic approach and delivers a perfect balance between fit and comfort. If you are on the market for stylish, durable, and attractive headphones that will provide you with a great listening experience, we would recommend that you try out the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless.

They are a great pair headphones to own for anyone looking to experience music like never before. This model comprises of incredible features that work in unison to ensure that pure performance is delivered every time. You will be able to listen to high-quality sounds as you go on about your day. They come inclusive of many features that are designed to provide different users with a more comfortable and better-listening experience.

If you have done your research, you'll note that most of the past customers have nothing but praise for Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones. The bass produced by these cans are unlike anything you have experienced before. Most would agree that the bass quality makes it worth every penny spent. If you want quality bass, then this is just what you need. The Crusher Wireless also comes well stocked with accessories - you’ll get a soft carrying pouch that will protect your headphones when they are not in use.

All in all, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones are a thing of beauty. They provide great sound, a sleek and modern design, the bass is indescribable, and they are exceptionally well designed.